Guadalinex is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and developed by (MD5) from here: (3,MB). and a practical user manual written specifically for this version of the distribution. Full Package List: Guadalinex Number of .. gnome-user-guide-es + gitubuntu2 guadalinex-eadmin vguada2. I cannot log in this ditribution: guadalinex-v7-desktop-ialpha . There is also supposed to be a manual on the CD. My Spanish is not up to.

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Manual guadalinex v7 monitor

The product ships with several Internet applications, including web browser, IRC client, mail client and instant messenger, all pre-configured with security in mind and with all traffic anonymised. To achieve this, Incognito uses the Tor network to make Internet traffic very hard to trace. Linux versus Android and webOS. Persistent storage and distributions for Psion devices. Shell switching, battery charge, getting the system’s IP address and dealing with stubborn processes.


Process scheduling with “nice” and “renice”. Adding an AppImage to the application menu. Handling magnet links in Linux. All Some of the most important new features include: Please read the release announcement in Spanish for further details. Guadalinex 9 has been released. It is largely based on Ubuntu The main edition comes with the Cinnamon desktop, while the “lite” variant, provided for the first time and designed to run on older computers or computers with limited hardware, includes the lightweight LXDE desktop environment.


The main components include: The distribution also comes with a comprehensive installation and user guide PDF format, in Spanish.

See the brief release announcement in Spanish and follow the included links for further information. Download Kanualpkglist: Most applications included in the default install have been upgraded to newer versions; this includes LibreOffice 3.

Hardware device drivers have also been updated, while a brand-new “centro de software de Guadalinex” provides an easy way to install extra applications from the Internet. See the complete release announcement in Spanish for more details.

Thirty percent faster than its predecessor, this ugadalinex version improves the Internet user experience by providing easy access to social networking sites as well as to publication of blogs.

Apart from the usual programs for Mannual browsing, email and chat, the distribution comes with a parental control tool called “Nanny”, developed in-house, which will help fathers and mothers in protecting their children from accessing malicious and inappropriate web sites.

Repositorio de Guadalinex

Moreover, the graphical aspect mnaual Guadalinex has been given special attention, with an animated desktop bar Cairo-Dock containing frequently used applications and other interesting features. See the release announcement in Spanish for full details. This version incorporates new functionality inherited from Ubuntu 9.

However, the new Guadalinex also includes features that differentiates it from Ubuntu, such as the Amigu migration assistant which can import files, settings, email and browser favourites from Windows including Vistaand a practical user manual written specifically for this version of the distribution.


Read the release announcement in Spanish for further details and see also this blog post by Juanje Ojeda in English which explains the goals of the distribution. The first release candidate for Guadalinex 5. Released to commemorate today’s worldwide Software Freedom Day, this is the project’s first version that comes on two CDs – an installable live CD with essential applications and an optional CD with extra software packages.

Some of the other changes from earlier betas: Please read the full release announcement in Spanish for further information. Guadalinex is a general-purpose operating system for the desktop; the latest version uses the Linux kernel 2. Please read the release announcement in Spanish for further information. The third release candidate for the updated version 3 series of Guadalinexa Spanish distribution based on Ubuntu Breezy, has been released for download and testing.

In addition to a large number of bug fixes, the following aspects of the distributions received extra attention: For further information please refer to the release announcement in Spanish. Download the live and installation CDs from here MD5: Download the live CD image from here: Count your Linux Box.

What different types of codecs are there?

Distribution Release: Guadalinex ( News)

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