Manual de psihologie social, Editura Polirom, Ia[i, Download Download Psihologie: manual pentru clasa a xa, editura polirom, coord. adrian neculau. Psihologia socială și Noua Europă: in honorem Adrian Neculau(Book) 6 editions Psihologie: manual pentru clasa a X-a, toate filierele(Book) 2 editions. Psihologie judiciară by Nicolae Mitrofan(Book) Elemente de psihologie a cuplului by Iolanda Mitrofan(Book) Manual de psihologie sociala(Book).

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In the first case, the obtained embryo is transferred to the woman’s uterus in order to determine a gestation process, ending with the birth of a child who will inherit the donor’s genes. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.

The advanced biomedical and biotechnological researches have given rise to many ethical, social political and economic challenges. The first assembly of elements is characterized by stability in relation to contextual variations, is powerfully anchored in the social memory and gives sense and structure to the entire discourse.

There is a sofiala fear that these procedures that control and transform nature, including human nature, could turn against human kind.

Be the first to ask a question about Psihologie Manual pentru clasa a X-a. In general, there is a political agreement regarding the ban of reproductive cloning but, no agreement has been reached with respect to therapeutic cloning The comparison from table 4 shows only the results for the subjects registering positive and negative affective polarity.

The four quadrants have been delimited by the intermediary frequency 20 and the medium separation rank of 2. Social representations help people understand better their personal experiences, to project their future actions, give sense to social events and anticipate individual or collective actions Vaida Anamaria marked it as to-read Nov 08, The social representation according of cloning according to the level of education.


Towards a New Modernity. On the other hand, we can notice the presence sofiala other affective–value elements in the second table and the absence of these elements in the first one: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. At this level, we distinguish between two categories of elements: The use of the cloning procedure on a large scale would lead, in time, to an impoverishment of the genetic material, diminishing the individual differences de-diversification and loss psihooogie genetic individuality.

Polirom, Social representation of this technique and its associated emotions.

Mitrofan, Nicolae

We can, also, observe that religious people are not misinformed, they underline the negative potential of cloning but, are aware of the positive aspects of the phenomenon, as well: Amarcord, Polity Press, Balisage du domaine d’etudes, eds.

Thus, fear, is one of the terms which appears as central for religious people. No trivia or quizzes yet. Sanchez-Sweatman, “Reproductive cloning and human health: For example, if we consider the first three quadrants as the most important ignoring the low right one we have the same elements and similar frequencies for afrian young and adult people: On one hand, it breaks the sacred frame of the marriage and, on the other hand, it enhances the human pride in substituting God, in assuming a role of self-sufficiency and transgressing the laws that govern human nature.

The three terms that are in bold in the table are with certainty the central elements of the social representation of cloning. National Bioethics Advisory Commission.

Psihologie Manual pentru clasa a X-a by Adrian Neculau

Olimpiu Vaida marked it as to-read Jul 09, The Bookmark will be sent with the above message Sender email: Thus, we could conclude that this structuring is in consonance with the structural perspective of the social representations theory which states that the elements that tinge or give an affective coloring are frequently positioned in the peripheral areas.


There are several images of cloning, differently structured in relation to people’s religious convictions, biological gender, social background, and level of education. The table below includes the terms with frequencies higher than Edited by Serge Moscovici. Mirella Bt added it Jul 07, Asian Journal of Social Psychology.

Iacob, Luminiţa [WorldCat Identities]

Comparative analysis of newspaper articles on genetic engineering in Japan and Europe”. Cozma Raluca rated it adrin was amazing Jan 22, Secondly, the cloning procedure implies an asexual reproduction as it doesn’t allow the recombination of the genetic material, but only the copying of existing genetic material.

The most frequent arguments in favor of cloning are rooted in modern philosophy, in the work of John Stuart Mill and Jeremy Bentham. These results are related to the gender variable, where women have the same way of positioning themselves as religious people.

The religious participants value the uniqueness of a person, they are afraid of what may happen in the future if technology goes out of our control, and they believe that the risks for humanity are much higher than the benefits.

Based on the technique described before, we elaborated tables representing the internal structure of the social representations for the entire sample of participants as well as for different groups defined by the levels of the independent variables that we took in consideration. The most important necuulau of our study are focused around the religiosity variable.