MANASA BODHA_SMT VANI JAYARAM_SWAMI VIDYAPRAKASHANANDA GIRI. Shared link of all the slides manasa bodha link Songs” · “Thanq ” ఒక మాట కాదు · “VYDYUDULENICHOTA”- HOME GUIDE MEDICAL BOOK IN TELUGU. Sri Vidya Prakasananda Giri Swamy (Swāmī Vidyāprakāśānanda Giri) (13 April – 10 April ), born Ananda Mohan, was a revered Hindu guru and predominantly prominent among Telugu speaking community across the .. Manasabodha; O! Manasa Vinuma; Jeevuda Meluko; Adyatmajudgement; Dyana Padhati.

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Excited he got up, stepped backwards and prayed “Oh!

Vidya Prakasananda Giri Swamy – Wikipedia

From that moment,all his family members,relatives,friends treated Ananda Mohan with utmost respect and courtesy. Its movements disturbed him, and when he opened his eyes, the bear was just in front of him. A shed by name Guhashram, situated at a distance to the south of Nishtashram, was allocated with the permission of Gurudev, for the new boy who was to stay there alone.

Tunuguntla Ramaswamy father Tunuguntla Suseela mother. There was no necessity to think over the matter, as to which son had to be bodna to Malayalaswami; Ananda Mohan was the most worthy son to be sent owing to his individuality and intellect.

Teachers at his school were surprised at the extraordinary receptivity and power of understanding exhibited by the boy. The scenic beauty at the foot of Nandi Hillsthe presence of Sanyasis; Vanaprasthas; Brahmacharis and other students was a feast to the eyes of the new entrant.

Retrieved 7 November He died at 7: During his visit to his house, Malayalaswami boha Ramaswami about his ideal family life, and asked him if he could send any of his five sons to his ashram, so that he can impart spiritual knowledge to at least one of them, to which Ramaswami immediately said “Yes”. Now he came to conclusion regarding his duty which was ordained by grace of God and Guru.


Ananda Mohan secured prize in a state wide competition on spiritual scriptures like Bhagavadgita and Maansa Lahari conducted by Hindu Samaj of Rajahmahendravaram. Ananda Mohan was drafted for volunteer duties at the cottage where Mahatma Gandhi stayed. The news spread and people from all parts of the country poured into have a last glimpse of their departed Maharishi and paid their respects. The bear stared at him for a moment, tdlugu retreated silently.

Tunuguntla Ananda Mohan 13 April Machilipatnam. The ashram was mznasa Sri Sukabrahmashramnamed after holy sage Sri Sukabrahma. Compassionate Malayalaswami, saw the jewel of devotee, with an affectionate eye and blessed him. He was both confused and surprised at the sight. The Gita Yagnas by Prakasananda were received by thousands of people wherever it was organised, and since Prakasananda was a gifted orator people turned up in large numbers on each occasion.

He conducted close to Gita Yagnas in his lifetime which has given an unmatched and widest publicity to Srimad Bhagavad Gita and extensively spread the spiritual education that aroused unprecedented spiritual awakening.

While in Hrishikesh, an incident which was surprising turned out to be decisive factor in his life. The inaugural relugu was celebrated on 20 Jan and was presided by his guru Sri Malayala swami. Many good ways, rules and practices were learnt by me during the twelve years of stay with Guruji, and laziness, Thamoguna were never tolerated.

Ananda Mohan showed intellectual excellence even while he was a child, and so he was initiated to studies at the age of four.

The bovha life of Ananda Mohan was decided by this book, which he felt had been sent to him by god himself. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Yelugu. Ananda Hospital was also built by Prakasananda for the poor and under privileged. Bhakta Kannapa eye hospital was inaugurated in May in the ashram, to help the poor and needy, till this date lakhs of people got their eyes examined free of cost, and several eye camps are held on a regular basis.


Ananda Mohan had also acquired abundant skill in swimming too and was the captain of football and Volleyball teams at Kashi Vidyapeeth and won a second prize in the Long jump events of the Annual sports. All nodha stipulations of the Malayalaswami to grant sannyas had already been satisfied by Ananda Mohan.

Vidya Prakasananda Giri Swamy

Gita Makaranda is the magnum opus written by Prakasananda and is considered till date his best works. Having attained a pre-eminent place in preaching, and having attained the highest stage in Brahmanishta, Prakasananda desired to establish a separate ashram which would be a centre of his preachings.

During this period, he once approached Malayalaswami sometime in the month of December and narrated his stare of mind and requested his permission to be in a state of silence for sometime.

Meanwhile, his sister and brother-in-law invited Ananda Mohan to join them for mahasa to HaridwarHrishikesh and three of them visited these places and all the ashrams on the Banks of Ganges. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.