Maloy Krishna Dhar is the author of Open Secrets ( avg rating, ratings, 35 reviews, published ), Operation Triple X ( avg rating, 93 rati. Now consider what Maloy Krishna Dhar, former joint director, Intelligence Bureau in his book published nearly a decade ago-“Open secrets-. Maloy Krishna Dhar’s Open Secrets, as he informs us at the outset, is not an autobiography; nor, indeed, does it offer an objective or critical assessment and.

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Narendra Modi and former Isro scientist N Nambinarayan

If you take away caste a Hindu is technically not a Hindu anymore. Know better about IB Good book to know details about how intelligence bureau ib of India operates. In this larger picture and the specific last incident both, while some officials might be to blame such as the IB boss in the last incident who was far less than required for his post, most blame lies with the political leaders who direct and decide policies re intelligence and security, as is also amply clear from this account.

However i dont agree with the authors view that babri demolition was not good for india.

Open Secrets: India’s Intelligence Unveiled by Maloy Krishna Dhar

Amongst other details that emerge here enabling a reader to see the picture in detail, an important one is about how the party that ruled for most of almost seven decades played it for power by hook or by crook post Nehru era. Also the backdrop of the communal conflagration that was sought to be created for the sake of electoral benefit and reached its shameful heights on Dec 6,the unprincipled jostling for power in the last four decades How they are not under control of anybody except the boss and there is no control over them by any parliamentary panel shows the dangers involved and the misuse of the apparatus by the political masters.

Further Brahmins do not believe based on their religious books, in what the rest of the world considers ethical, moral conduct based on honesty. Over all good read and eye Good read for events of indian History in decade of 60, 70 and Where does the army go from here.

The security apparatus of my country India is not as bad as i thought out to be. He packs a punch in whatever he says and hold back none even calling the “fourth estate” members “taxis on hire”. The bane of India has always been the overt and covert control of all government machinery by the cunning Brahmins who have their tentacles into every facet of the social fabric with a lopsided predominance in all the civil services throughout India, considering that they barely make up 3.


It can do better id freed from the clutches of the politicians…. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Over 41, cash bounties were paid to the various police departments to murder innocent Sikhs. Dhar maintains that IB agents assumed the identities of news cameramen of a national daily and stationed themselves at crucial points on the eventful day in Ayodhya.

Unfortunately for the Hindus there is no such focused social machinery……. The Delhi office of the industrialist was in constant touch with Rajiv Gandhi and supplied him ‘vital intelligence’ on the Sangh Parivar. Fascinating narration by a practitioner who lived his life on his own terms.

Therefore Hinduism or Sanatana Dharam itself must be thrown into the dustbin of history for India to reinvigorate and unite. It also cleared my understanding of the Sikkim annexation, the Punjab crisis, and the inner dealings of the Indian politicians. The Maldives has no interest in rocketry and nuclear technology. This is a big fallacy. This story was thrown out of the supreme court and high court not just once, but multiple times.

Panjab episode was over explained, and many area author had reference of either past or future event which lead to confusion on chronology of events. A Hindu backlash was on the cards and the Sangh Parivar simply took advantage of the tottering political edifices…….

Then there is the anecdote which reveals how a Mumbai businessman curried favour with then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Conversion, and equalization of our mutual perspectives on vital national and local tribal issues……[Page ]. Sscrets Thackeray is on record staking claim that the Sainiks had indeed demolished the mosque. The Sikh Faith has rejected all the founding pillars of Brahminism outright.

Further Rajiv Gandhi was directly responsible in aiding and abetting the Secretss terrorists who killed over 20, innocent Sikhs in and around Delhi alone in Novnot to mention the othermurdered by him and his henchmen in Punjab. I had succeeded in penetrating almost all segments of the Sikkimese society. Its time we see this part of The book is written by someone who was in the ring.

After 57 years of independence a time has come to liberate the intelligence and Investigation Establishments from the stranglehold of petty and visionless politicians…… [Pages ].


Dhar does acknowledge the serious corruption within his own IB and all other organizations without sullying himself personally.

It was obvious to anyone who watched the protests in Delhi by young students that the first boy who supposedly immolated himself and died, really did nothing of the sort – he was desperately trying to survive and was not allowed to; it is unimaginable that his fellow students would do anything but save him, do everything possible to save him, so it was obvious something else was afoot. Intelligence agencies are often forced to serve the narrow interests of the political parties and ensure survival of the leaders, who often equate the survival of the leaders, who often equate the survival of the nation with dhag rooting in power.

No eBook available Amazon. Dhar does not know the meaning of honesty and ethics at all. Long live Mr Dhar. I had found the ordinary Naga home more civilized and polished opdn any Hindu home even in the cities like Delhi and Calcutta….

Books by Maloy Krishna Dhar

This article is complete non sense. Making the intelligence and investigative agencies accountable to the elected Parliament under appropriate Act. The serets tape and about 70 still snaps that my boys had managed to capture constituted vital evidence of the act of vandalism at Ayodhya by shiv sainiks and presumably the tsunami-affected devotees of Lord Rama…They agreed with me that the Shiv Sena volunteers launched the initial attack on the mosque……[Page ].

I was forced to keep the frayed dialogue line open.

Even The Minister of Defense George Fernandes was secrehs red handed on video accepting massive bribes and yet nothing happened to him since the rot stems right to the very top. That Dhar was punished for what secretts a confusion and blunder of several other characters in the drama despite his altogether correct behaviour, both in interests of his nation and in terms of official proprieties, only horrifies one more.

In the final analysis Dhar exhorts the citizens of India to make all these agencies completely accountable to the public rather than the current status quo of being only accountable to the Prime Minister and Home Minister and none else.