PDF | This article examines Malek Bennabi’s concept of civilisation and its equation. It undertakes a conceptual approach to Bennabi’s analysis. Bin Nabi, Malik. (d. ). Algerian thinker and writer. Wrote over twenty books on Islamic, cultural, societal, and developmental issues. Produced all his books. Malek (Malik) Bennabi played a considerable role in the development of Islamic political, cultural, and religious thought and discourse during the 20th century.

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By using this site, you behnabi to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In his book, Bases of Civilization, Malek Bennabi put his theory of social change.

Malik Bennabi’s Life and Theory of Civilization

Actually, he never hesitated to show his attachment to her because of her deep influence on him. According to Malek Bennabi, the lack of new ideas in Islamic thought emerged what he coined civilizational bankruptcy. This development has not been strongly felt in many underdeveloped countries, for their inferiority complex created a warped infatuation with the criteria of power that was based on material things.

It would be more suitable in this context to give some examples of such a kind of sacrifice to show the extent to which he bdnnabi attached, rather influenced by her. This spurred him to reflect on the question of culture in the early nineteenth century.

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MALEK (mALIK) Bennabi: Thinker, Philosopher, Revivalist – Home

Monthly downloads Sorry, there are not enough data points to plot this chart. Therefore, the Arabs and other Muslim countries, especially those that did not possess a great deal of material power, should give more weight to the issue of ideas. Ashok Kunar Malhotra – – Dialogue and Universalism 22 2: Views Read Edit View history.

He spent his childhood there and in Tebessa near the Tunisian border. Consequently, his parent decided to limit his attendance in the French school where he enjoyed the new environment especially when he saw the difference between the two schools models, namely the psycho-educational conditions of learning for a child, like bennahi. He argues that we can split any given benabi into three basic elements: He took a psychological approach to understanding the history of Muslim civilization.


He was the sole boy of a modest Algerian family under the colonial rule. An excellent overview of Bennabi’s life and work.

So, as he said in his memoirs, he was seriously studying all through the week. His research of the history of Islamic cultural development led him to an understanding that there had according to his writings, ever since the 14th century a gradual decline of civilization in intellectual, economic, bennavi, and political realms in the Islamic world. He said that Muslims today were in a state of disarray. He concluded that the decadence of today’s Muslims was caused by improper developments in their culture which should therefore be improved in four major areas: His approach was simple, not parroting what had been discovered before his time, but rather, searching for what constitutes the essence of culture and the birth of civilization.

This chapter examines the shortcomings gennabi the policy of educating the natives and the development of the malil attitude toward French education. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

He also became fascinated with the gymnastic games of Awled ben Isa, a sufi group who became famous for their strange acts.

Retrieved 30 September What vennabi Bennabi to write on the decay of Muslim civilization?

All information retrieved from: I did not know her sufficiently, but she left for my family many bennqbi her memoirs and witnesses, especially about the French invasion of Algeria, which were transmitted to me by my parents.

He encouraged revival, but to the eventual demise of the al-Qiyam discussion group.

Malik Bennabi ⵎⴰⵍⵉⴽ ⴱⴻⵏⴰⴱⵉ

He wrote multiple autobiographies detailing his childhood and education in both France and Egypt. Thus, their inferiority complex, based on social efficacy, would lead only to pessimism on the psychological level.

Man, soil raw material and time. The past few centuries, we have malil a transition in discourse bennbai political, social, economic, and religious thought in Islamic society. Mapik entry has no external links. Colonisation of minds has driven Muslims benhabi a state of moral and psychological decay. They assessed their situation as an abomination caused by the lack of weapons, aeroplanes and banks.


He seemed to be more interested in the decline of Muslim civilization and how a renaissance could be achieved, than pre- and post-colonial Algeria.

From a historical point of view, Malik Bennabi describes, in his memoirs, the period of his birth as a point of linking, or more exactly a point of contact and a period of transition between two historical stages, he says: Ideas, as a whole, form an important part of the means of development in a given society. I heard from her a lot of religious fables which were mainly focused on the right and wrong and the consequences of both, i.

When these contents had been clearly defined, only then could various formulations of ideas be born. As a result of this inferiority, Muslims ascribed this distance to the field of objects. He is mostly known for the concept of coloniability which is the inner aptitude of some societies maoik be colonized Black-African particularly.

Malik Bennabi ⵎⴰⵍⵉⴽ ⴱⴻⵏⴰⴱⵉ | StartUs

From one of his works, Les Conditions de la Renaissancehe defined culture bennsbi the mode of being and becoming of a people. In underdeveloped countries, which were still within the sphere of influence of the superpowers, arms and oil revenues were no longer sufficient to support that influence.

Find it on Scholar. So, he grew up under very difficult circumstances, observing sadly the Algerian tragedy caused by that invasion which reached a point where many Algerian families left Algeria to immigrate in the neighbouring countries, he says: The Role of Religion in Civilizational Development.