Find complete inventory of pieces and free instruction manual scans for LEGO Makuta at the ToysPeriod online toy guide. Pictures courtesy of LEGO. Designers: Nicolaas Vás (Brickthing), Corvin Stichert ( Vezok’s Friend) and Niek van Slagmaat. LEGO was kind enough to provide us with detailed models of the JTO model so that it should be easy enough to build it now; at some point I.

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Looking forward to seeing photos, especially how you contructed the gold horn area Posted October 18, That would be a fitting ‘farewell’ to G2.

Does that mean you have copies of the Mask of Ultimate Power? Can’t wait to dig in once I return home to my Bionicle parts. Could someone who has built this guy already see about compiling one? My only two points of contention are the connectors for the shells on the top of his chest which are very loose and hard to position right and his very bare lower back. Posted August 11, edited.

Also, if you have a parts list, that would be great! Posted Aug 12 – Can anyone tell me what pieces are used from Ekimu besides his shield? Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list. Edited by Bionibbles, Aug 13 – First, which one is the overlord?

Did you go to the ‘The Power Lies Beneath’ tour? Thank you so much for letting us know about this, and thank you to Lego for allowing this to be documented. I was just hoping someone would happen to be doing it anyway. Sign in Already have an account? Also, I know this isn’t the board to do this but I’m desperately looking for any instructions for the Melting Makuta, and I found that he was created for a member of this forum, if someone could help me please.


Journey To One Makuta “Instructions”

I instrucitons the hammer right though. Actually found this great video. I’d be happy to help. If someone makes the instructions, will he also include a parts list and a recommendation instruftions which sets to get extra copies of?

Posted Aug 11 – Posted August 7, Completely understandable if not, just figured it’s worth a shot to ask. I had the shoulder joints all amkuta. I won’t exactly, as I already bought copies of the sets required, but I’m sure others will appreciate it. Somebody already did create the mask on shapeways. Glad I asked for pics of triple m. Going to hold off for a v2 version of the Mask of Ultimate Power from Shapeways before purchasing one of those though.

Several functions may not work. I think it has a setup similar to Korgot, but I can’t figure out anything else.

Posted August 6, Also really think this topic is news worthy for the front page of this site, given how many people wished for an actual makuta set, and this is the closest istructions will get. I went ahead and poured over these photos last night to build myself a copy of Makuta.

Journey To One Makuta | Flickr

I’d get a black MoUP though. What sets is this supposed intructions be comprised of? Here is the Overlord Makuta model.


The gold steel doesn’t fit the standard g2 head at all, sadly, but that titan sized instrutions is perfect for the jto makuta model.

Courtesy of LEGO obviouslycredit to the designers: If anyone who can make him decides to make step-by-step instructions, please let makutw know. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. LEGO was kind enough to provide us with detailed models of the JTO model so that it should be easy enough to build it now; at some point I might myself go and create step-by-step instructions, but this will more than suffice.

I’m not very good at original ideas, but I’m fairly skilled at reverse engineering models. They should release the MoUP with instructions for this.

Since a mask is just a small piece, commercially available 3D printing might be a solution. Maakuta personally would still like the instructions for the Overlord version more, but that’s probably just me. I’m not too pleased with the idea of taking apart sets to make it, but I think I can hodge-podge it from my current CCBS collection and buy some sets on sale I would if I could, if I could even find any of the G2 sets. Presumably still confirmed as a combiner of the models you reported earlier?

Which won’t happen, of course. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. The Makuta Challenge Inspirational Models. Back to top 31 Rakrondewl Rakrondewl Members Seeker.