castings of any material and the weight of castings can range from tens of grams to hundreds of tons. Cast materials capable of sand casting are plain carbon. inclusion of tutorials and sophisticated examples. Finally, starting with the edition corre- sponding to release V, this work aims to provide. MAGMAsoft Project management module Preprocessor module Mesh generator module Mold filling module.

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You always have to select the ‘ok’ button or the corresponding menu entry with the mouse. Make sure that all materials and heat transfer coefficients used within the project are taken from the project database ‘Project’.

Easy and automated result evaluation. Thermal modulus for fast riser layout. The Release Notes mainly serve to get an overview of the recent developments. Autonomous optimization of gating systems to avoid turbulence and gas inclusions. You can open, view and print these files with the Acrobat Reader program.

tktorial Casting is the production process for the future because the pouring of liquid metal into a mold gives the designer the shortest possible route from the starting material to the final product. This indicates that the function activated before is deactivated again.

With these alterations you start the next simulation, thus proceeding towards your goal. If you want to change your input, either move the mouse pointer again into the input field or press the RETURN key repeatedly until the cursor appears again in the wanted field.

Inverse determination of process parameters and material properties. If several input fields exist, the cursor automatically moves to the next field.

Please refer also to Ch. Autonomous optimization of casting quality and yield. At nagmasoft beginning of each text there is a reference leading you back to the next higher text or table.



In Acrobat Reader, there are also search and navigation functions for the texts. Please point out exactly what kind of help you expect from us. You can activate and deactivate magasoft functions conveniently with these boxes. Prediction of feeding and porosity. It is equipped with a detailed index Part two, Ch. The graphical presentation of results on the screen is the third essential feature. The simulation results will guide your choice of changes to the casting geometry and parameters.

The entire casting process from the filling of the melt into the mold up to solidification and subsequent feeding is available as a sound physical calculation model for all casting methods and materials. Expensive reject castings are avoided, and the quality of the finished product is guaranteed maagmasoft the very beginning of production.

Therefore we encourage you to use intensively the possibilities of variation that? It summarizes all its important features and functions: This has resulted in the development of modern simulation software.

Prediction of sand burn-on and penetration. However, if you want to take a quick look at new developments, this document serves you well, too. Autonomous transfer of the flow pattern from single to multiple cavity dies. If you must specify a path to a file name, take care to separate the path components by slashes.

Entering data into input fields magmasft the keyboard. Move the mouse pointer on the input field and press the left mouse button. Example of magjasoft input field 1 Unit Proceed as follows tugorial you want to enter data into an input field: If you are going to send us your project for further mzgmasoft, please follow the rules below.

The symbol of the keyboard marks the beginning of a section that explains the execution of a function via keyboard commands. All functions that are required are available to the user.


A modular software design covers the complete process chain of cast components. If the documentation does not provide any answer to your mamgasoft, our support hotline MAGMA Germany is available under the following numbers: Do not use backslashes.


In some cases you must invoke a menu in order to store the input. Hot spots in the casting shown in x-ray mode. On the right of the field the unit of the input to be made is displayed.

The following may help you use the program on your way to a optimized product or mahmasoft MAGMASOFT is a tool for the foundry industry that helps quickly and efficiently to test a wide range of improvement options and variations regarding their effectiveness.

If, for mahmasoft, you wish to know how to add a cylindrical feeder to your casting geometry or magjasoft to view the results of your simulation from all angles, you will find the corresponding information in this manual.

In addition, you have the following options in order to change between the current mgamasoft window and those that you have invoked earlier: Together with the foundryman’s practical knowledge, you can use these programs to make the process more understandable and controllable than ever before.

You have to click on these buttons repeatedly to activate the option you want example: Here you find answers to those questions that are immediately connected to the use of the software. If you choose a yellow box again, it will turn to gray. A cursor appears in the input field.

In case you invoke online help on Windows, there is a context menu available via the right mouse button. Apart from the printed documentation, tutroial can also access documents in electronic form. Use the indices and the tables of contents, which are supplied with every document, and the Reference Guide in order to get quick help for specific topics or terms.