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Table of contents License Agreement Table Of Contents Installing The Batteries Initialization For First Time Use Turning The Mmanual On Enter Your Approximate Position Sportrak Gps Receiver Adjusting The Contrast Getting A Position Fix Large Data Screen Satellite Status Screen Accessing The Navigation Screens Saving A Waypoint Using Goto Routes Creating A Goto Route Navigating On A Goto Route Turn The Sportrak On Turn The Sportrak Off Using The Display Backlight Adjusting The Display Contrast Selecting Nav Screens Setting Spottrak Map Detail Customizing The Map Display Setting Up Map Data Fields Selecting The Data Fields Two Data Fields Description Changing The Data Fields Street Magelln Description Horizontal Profile Description Terrain Projection Description Changing The Map Orientation Selecting Primary Usage Selecting Track Mode Using Mwgellan Profile Selecting Vertical Profile Track History Description Highlighted Road Vertical Profile Description Route Vertical Profile Description Path Check Description Magellan Sportrak Gps Receiver Customizing The Data Fields Selecting The Position Screen Resetting The Trip Odometer Gps Status Messages Projecting Manusl Waypoint Accessing Waypoints In The Database Creating New Waypoint Manually Deleting A User Waypoint Editing A User Waypoint Searching For A Street Address Creating A Sportrrak Route Creating A Multileg Route Viewing A Route Editing A Route Inserting A Leg Deleting A Leg Replacing Mayellan Leg Appending A Leg Reversing A Route Deleting A Coloe Initializing The Sportrak Selecting The Coordinate System Selecting A Map Datum Selecting The Elevation Mode Selecting The Time Format Selecting Nav Units Selecting The North Reference Setting The Backlight Timer Selecting Nmea Message Selecting The Baud Rate Seletcting Daylight Savings Time Power Off Timer Clearing Track History Clearing All Routes Resetting Sportrak To Factory Defaults Setting The Arrival Alarm Setting The Anchor Alarm Setting The Xte Alarm Setting The Gps Fix Alarm Using The Simulator Turning The Simulator Off Frequently Asked Questions Connecting To External Devices Connecting To External Power Source Table of contents New Mage,lan Navigating With The Compass Screen Calibrating The Compass Table of contents User Manual About This User Manual Setting Up The Sportrak Enter Your Approximate Position initialize Sportrak Color Gps Receiver Selecting Map Items Don’t have an account?