GUIDELINES USING MATLAB. ®.,. Simulink. ®., and Stateflow. ®. Version MathWorks Automotive Advisory Board. (MAAB). July 27 th. All versions of the Architectural Access Board’s regulations ( CMR) – Present. The MAAB Control Algorithm Modeling Guidelines (MathWorks Automotive Advisory Board)[3] is a well established set of publicly available rules for modeling.

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No active subsystem ifFUNC not equal to 1 or 2. Select font style and font size for legibility.

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Specifics If the primary nature of a function segment is to calculate modes or states, but if-then-else statements are required, add a flow chart to a state within the state chart.

Check maaab and configuration of ports.

Display of labels on signals ID: Tunable parameters in basic blocks. The most common example of a vector signal is sensor or actuator data that is grouped into an array indexed by location. Rationale Readability Last Changed V2.


Triggered, enabled, conditional Subsystems. Use of Relational Operator block. Usable characters for signal line names ID: Scope of events ID: In these instances, terminate the unused inputs with the Terminator block.

Usable characters for block names Last Changed V2. Flowchart patterns for condition actions ID: Format of entries in a State block ID: Use of local language in Simulink and Stateflow ID: Every decision point junction must have a default path.

Use of the Sum block. Use of Switch vs.

MathWorks Automotive Advisory Board (MAAB) – Automotive Industry Standards – MATLAB & Simulink

Use of the return value from graphical functions ID: Flowchart patterns for condition actions Equivalent Functionality One condition action: Simulink patterns for If-then-else-if constructs. Check usage of Relational Operator blocks.

Check transition actions in Stateflow charts. Simulink patterns for logical constructs with logical blocks Last Changed V1. Check for comparison operations in Stateflow charts.

Maab Guidelines

Check for nondefault block attributes. Flow chart patterns for loop constructs. Entry versus propagation of signal labels ID: Maintaining signal flow when using Goto and From blocks ID: Other MathWorks country sites are not optimized for visits from your location. A subcondition is a set of logical operations, all of the same type, enclosed in parentheses. However, the variant subsystem might not use all of the inputs.


Usable characters for Simulink Bus names. This can be achieved by doing one of the following: Setting the return value from a graphical function Incorrect Return value A is set in multiple places.