Sarah Dessen is the author of thirteen novels, which include the New York Times bestsellers The Moon and More, What Happened to Goodbye, Along for the. As Dessen’s body of work expands, her novels deepen. With its deceptively simple summer romance plot, this book documents adolescent life with perception. From the award-winning and New York Times bestselling author of Once and for All She’s got it all figured out. Or does she? When.

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And who can blame her?

This Lullaby

She wishes she wasn’t like that. She is able to develop likeable, and relatable characters.

Her mother is getting married for the fifth time that summer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The potato song might have been a bit ridiculous, but it was fun. Remy wouldn’t lower herself to apologize to him. Want to Read luklaby.

However, I found it to be very relatable and I love when I can connect to the characters. Let’s state the most obvious: In my opinion, Dessen has a gift, in that she is able to turn simple plots into beautiful and deep stories that work when in the mood for an entertaining, light, fun b Rating: His tenacity was so cute that even thru so many eye balls rolling he still managed to get saarh my heart.

Dexter lullqby outgoing, perhaps he can come on too strong, he’s friendly and unafraid to speak his mind. One would think that it was Dexter that got me to change my mind, but nope.


Remy is a girl who thinks that she has this whole love thing figured out, whenever she feels that the relationship might take a step up, she dumps the guy. From the description of the plot, one might think they have the story figured out, from beginning to end.

This book was and sweet, but without being able to relate, I couldn’t saeah the book as much as I wanted to. But then again, I always ressen. To start off I really haven’t been in the mood for this genre. Sarah Dessen is the best when it comes to contemporary YA.

In many ways this is a conventional teen story, but it’s one that’s done really, really well. Sure, the break-up-then-quick-make-up was alive and kicking, but either it simply worked better here because I sarh already smitten with the love story, or I’m just becoming immune to Dessen’s signature moves.

Thoughtful and powerful, this book also has its moments that will make readers laugh, which is a nice change of pace in the story. Not that we have been really hurt before lul,aby course I’m not sure about when you read this, but as of this writing, we’re both single since birth and there’s still no one on the horizon — but only God knows what’s in store for the futurebut we’ve definitely seen enough people get hurt so much that we don’t want to experience that, ever.

And lastly, these 4 girls seemed strangely too mature and jaded for their age.

Diet Coke comes lhllaby quite a bit. After all, her mother is marrying for the fifth time. What’s so bad about being clumsy, anyway? To top it all off, Dexter is a musician, an occupation Remy does not like because her father was one and only left her with one legacy, a one hit wonder called, “this lullaby”.


Eventually, they start dating and she is surprised by how open and honest and caring he is. What age group is this book be suitable for? Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

This Lullaby Book Summary and Study Guide

dessen I will say that the ending was perfect and I enjoyed it but. See all 10 questions about This Lullaby‚Ķ. He’s messy and impulsive, but, most of all, he’s a musician.

Books by Sarah Dessen. Okay, maybe in some ways you are, safah in the way you are both so obssessive-compulsive with everything but she is more OC than you are Remy is an eighteen-year-old who is about to leave for college. And that’s the key.

Could This Book Be Any More Perfect?: ‘This Lullaby’ by Sarah Dessen – HelloGiggles

Overall it was a really entertaining and cute read. Giggles in your Inbox Subscribe to our daily newsletter and get the latest updates on fashion, beauty, style, and more. There were so many scenes that made me laugh out loud, and I have more than 50 quotes from this book highlighted on my kindle. Untied shoelaces and clumsy – that pretty much describes Dexter. One day, she meets Dexter.