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abdominal blunt trauma: Topics by

The patients with injury to the parenchymal actualizadx were given nonoperative treatment if they had stable vital signs and no evidence of associated injuries demanding immediate surgery and the majority of these patients were managed well nonoperatively. The accuracy was His vital signs were stable. With the inventions of faster cars and even more faster motorbikes there is a worldwide increase in road traffic accidents, which has increased the incidence of blunt abdominal trauma but still duodenal injury following a blunt abdominal trauma is uncommon and can pose lpu formidable challenge to the surgeon and failure to manage it properly can result in devastating results.

All the patients eventually developed peritonitis when laparotomy was decided.

It should be used as an initial diagnostic modality in the evaluation of most blunt abdominal trauma. Blunt injury trauma is regularly encountered in the emergency department.

Our study suggests that patients with surgically confirmed HVI and MI found at laparotomy were very likely to have an abnormal pre-operative CT scan. There were patients identified: In several, the initial density of the spleen was less than that of the liver. There were 24 injuries in the 21 patients consisting of 15 perforations, five contusions, two seromuscular tears, and two gangrene from actuaalizada injury.

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Patients of either gender and age above 12 and below 70 were included in this study. Focussed abdominal sonography for trauma is a fairly reliable mode to assess blunt abdominal trauma in children.


During the study period, real time US became the first line screening tool, and was combined with IVU in suspected renal trauma. Complete transverse rupture of the duodenum as an isolated lesion in acyualizada trauma can be considered as exceptional. Pancreaticoduodenectomy can in selected cases be a solution in pancreatic trauma. Registry data at a level 1 trauma center was retrospectively reviewed from The remaining 33 patients only had intraperitoneal fluid, only one of them had volvulus.

Other notable findings included haemoperitoneum The clinical significance of isolated free fluid FF without solid organ injury on computed to- mography CT continues to pose significant dilemma in the management of patients with blunt abdominal actualiazda BAT. This study aimed to determine the variables affecting implementing blunt abdominal trauma CPGs in an Iranian hospital. Published by Elsevier Inc. We report the case of a man with multiple injuries admitted to the intensive care unit, where delayed perforations of the sigmoid colon and lpu were diagnosed.

These patients were 2 boys 5 and 6-year-old and one girl 8-year-old who after blunt abdominal trauma admitted to the hospital with abdominal pain and symptoms of acute abdomen and appendectomy had been done for them.

Paralytic ileus was localized to LUQ in jejunal rupture and to mid-abdomen in ileal rupture, and gastric and transverse-colon distension with gas was noticeable especially in jejunal rupture. SPSS 17 was used for statistical analysis. It is concluded that visceral damage by blunt abdominal trauma may be suspected, but can not be satisfactorily diagnosed upon lpu single plane abdominal roentgenologic examination with clinical support.

Imaging modalities commonly employed for diagnosis include ultrasonography, computed tomography, nuclear medicine, and magnetic resonance imaging. Diagnostic tools that help in optimum management of blunt abdominal trauma include; Focussed Assessment Sonography for Trauma scan, Diagnostic peritoneal lavage and Computed Tomography scan. Gastrointestinal injury from blunt abdominal trauma in.

Traumatic gastric rupture is usually associated with other visceral injuries, such as splenic lesions and fractures. Of the total cases, 31 The decision to operate in hollow viscus injury has to be based on mechanism of injury and clinical findings together with radiological evidence. Abdominal CT scan is a safe and cost-effective screening tool in patients with blunt trauma.

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Mesenteric thrombosis related to trauma is an uncommon entity and has poor prognosis when associated to low perfusion and hemorrhagic shock. The use of the ultrasound with surface probe in the diagnosis of free fluid in blunt abdominal trauma in hemodynamic stable patients can be considered as a useful screening method.

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A actaulizada old boy presented to ER following blunt abdominal trauma by a moving motorcycle. Patients were divided into three groups including low score Computed tomography has an important role in hollow viscus and mesenteric injuries after blunt abdominal trauma. Abdominal CT, or exploratory laparotomy findings were used as confirmation of intra- abdominal injury. FAST scan had sensitivity of Hematoma of the adjacent mesocolon expanding to the root of mesenteric vessels was also noted.

The incidence of bowel transection in blunt abdominal trauma was 1.

actyalizada They were found to have an intra-peritoneal bladder rupture in 1 case, a non-expanding zone 3 haematoma in 1 case, and a negative laparotomy in 1 case. With recent advances in radiologic diagnostic procedures, the use of diagnostic peritoneal lavage DPL has markedly declined.

Findings of ultrasonographic examinations 9. During the study period, injured pediatric patients mean age 8.

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The 2 commonest findings on CT scans were extra-luminal gas The grading of the hepatic injury was verified using CT scans or surgical findings. Blunt abdominal trauma is one of the causes of mortality in emergency department.

These two mechanisms are responsible for the formation of different variants of liver destruction.