“I’ve found I can change the conversation at any social gathering by mentioning Louann Brizendine’s book, The Female Brain.” —David Brooks, New York Times. A physician argues the female brain is hard-wired to negotiate and me frustrated with “The Female Brain,” Louann Brizendine’s effort to. Since Dr. Brizendine wrote The Female Brain ten years ago, the response has been overwhelming. This New York Times bestseller has been.

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Femzle using our website you agree to our use of cookies. However, I can completely understand why many woman are outraged by such a book.

Which wouldn’t be a problem except so many damned people bought it! I have no idea how she feels about it. Please do not believe what is said in this book before you check bdizendine references. I truly hope that readers are smart enough to disregard these obvious misrepresentations.

Louann Brizendine – The Female Brain – Tom Butler-Bowdon

There’s not much scientif The takeaway from this book is that the average woman is a hyper-sensitive control freak ruled by hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, oxytocin, testosterone in the same way that some people feel they’re controlled by the movement of the stars.

I normally do not read books like this, but it is so worth it. And thus, you can discount them whenever you want. Biochemically, the male brain is now significantly different from a female one, and by the brai the first half of the pregnancy is over, the differences between louxnn and female brains are mostly set.


Well, if that’s the case, then an experiment conducted in NY proved that the brain is actually located in a person’s neck and not the head. Sure enough, I could identify with a lot of things that were being discussed in the text.

How many subjects brai tested? As the threat of losing close ties to a group can be frightening, female friendships need to be tight. These and other questions have stumped both sexes throughout the ages.

The Female Brain (book) – Wikipedia

We focus on here on some of her insights regarding the infant and pubescent female brain. This book tells girls “Of course you are the emotional irrational mess society says that you are! The book sold well but received mixed reviews, because there was some controversy from feminist writers about the validity of some of the content.

I learned so much. See all books by Louann Brizendine, M. This continues into adulthood, with women speaking on average 20, words a day and men averaging only around 7, It helped me understand why I feel compelled to do certain things and why I so brizendone have trouble understanding my partners seeming obliviousness to my emotional states. A big problem is that most of the book is anecdotal. Thanks to this book, my mother and I hug more often in order to secrete oxytocin so she doesn’t abandon loouann.

This perhaps is interesting to a clinician, but to the average reader why such a behavior came about as with evolutionary pressures is perhaps more interesting. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She just doesn’t keep reminding the reader of the exceptions. The Female Brain film.

The numbers had been taken from a book by a self-help guru and were incorrect. How to Use Conversation for Profit and Pleasure. Trivia About The Female Brain. And it makes a woman who enjoys sex look abnormal. The book also includes three appendices on hormone therapypostpartum depressionand sexual orientation.


The Female Brain

I think any pe Chauvinists around the world will thank Dr. She has also served on bot Louann Brizendine, M. While doing research as a medical student at Yale and then as a resident and faculty member at Harvard, Louann Brizendine discovered that almost all of the clinical data in existence on neurology, psychology, and neurobiology focused exclusively on males.

I used to be one of these hyper feminist bra burning individuals, then I turned After all, we are brizejdine same species”. She continues to combine research work with clinical femalee and teaching, focusing on the affects on mood, energy, sexual function and general well-being of hormonal influences on the brain.

That said, it brizenvine for braain trade audience so it is understandable that some of the more technical elements might have been left out. Their squeals of delight at seeing friends, and the corresponding panic at being grounded, is also a part of these changes. On an entertainment scale, however, I would give it an 8. This is when excess testosterone shrinks the communication centre, reduces the hearing cortex and makes the part of the brain that processes sex twice as large.