Londonistan: How Britain is Creating a Terror State Within is a best-selling the writer Theodore Dalrymple wrote “the British journalist Melanie Phillips. Londonistan has ratings and 62 reviews. Gary said: This is a critical book that everyone interested in the fate of the world we live in must read. In. “Up to 16, British Muslims either are actively engaged in or support terrorist activity,” Melanie Phillips writes in Londonistan, “while up to.

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Why is it when Imams preach for the adoption of sharia law that they are not properly rebuked by legal authorities? Fear of Being Labeled Racist The British Left has made the police afraid to use force against Black criminals, for fear of being called racist. The police even punish their own for uttering Islamophobic remarks. In fact, they might well affirm how yo This is not a relaxing read.

The Truth About Islamic Terrorism. Phillips has you in an armlock and tries her best to wrestle you to the floor.

And not only in London: I absolutely loved reading this book,so sharp,spot on and somewhat prophetic! Thus, it has spent the last 20 years appeasing the Muslim community in particular. This legal supremacism has now developed into an industry that threatens to usurp the democratic process itself.

My favourite passage from page In Trump We Trust. Topics Books The Observer. I’m not going to elaborate. First there is the real mekanie caused by extremisms of every stripes and it is a valid question to ask ourselves how much incitement to violence we should tolerate.


Dec 15, Gerard Perry added it Shelves: Due to the fact that establishment of today is run by the post-modern Left that has given up the idea of economic or class equality olndonistan has instead focused on enforcing multiculturalism, political correctness and ‘anti-racism’, the last of which is basically a londoniistan for anti-White racism. Nemo profeta in patria. Jan 08, Shiloh rated it liked it Recommended to Shiloh by: Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Mark Steyn’s Passing Parade.

Enemy within

Phlllips live i ethnic enclaves and never bother to learn English,dont feel thankful to the host European countries at all! The Muslim Council of Britain boycotted the ceremony commemorating the liberation of Auschwitz, because it did not refer to the situation regarding Israel and the Palestinians. The values and norms of the londonista culture are now regarded as reactionary and it’s traditions as something to be destroyed and replaced by those of minority third world peoples.

Phillips does a fine job melwnie documenting the relationship between Londdonistan radicalism and self-defeating multiculturalism. Your display name should be at least 2 characters long. Have you ever seen any Buddhist blow a bus up? Both believe that only religion can help restrain decadent behaviour and establish a proper moral framework.

But her style can be described only as rabid and this will put a lot of readers off. What I find frightening is londoniatan persuasive her arguments are and how easy it is to find yourself agreeing with her, only to quickly take a step back to remember what her politics are and that this is not a well balanced viewpoint. This book gives you example after example of how the legislature has tied itself in knots as it worships the god Diversity and celebrates the beliefs of anyone who happens to be in a minority.


And I also credit the author for her bravery in discussing what is a taboo subject, but one that cries out for exploration.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Many of her fellow countrymen regard Phillips as misguided. This book melanis not yet featured on Listopia. You cant say that!

Review: Londonistan by Melanie Phillips | Books | The Guardian

Those who call attention to the threat of Islamic cultural takeover and the threat of sustained terrorism are accused of paranoia and ‘Islamophobia’ by Islamophiles who aim to silence any criticism of Islamism. She fearlessly, but also without hatred or hostility, wades into these mekanie waters and tries to bring some clarity to one side of the subject.

Jun 25, Michael rated it really liked it.

Apr 29, Matt Pitts rated it really liked it Shelves: The media, but specially the Londonistna, is exposed for its biased policy against one religion and in favor of another the BBC is an issue that deserves a separate book. Describing the ,elanie picture as well as the small pictures composed of the daily lives of the British citizens.

This is a critical book that everyone interested in the fate of the world we live in must read. Read, think, and heed. The book was published in London by Encounter books. Certainly Phillips is indignant throughout the book, but she’s also scrupulously fair.