Liber Trigrammaton subFigura XXVII by Crowley. Original key entry by Fr. H.B. in New York 1/23/90 e.v. ASCII conversion by Bill Heidrick, T.G. of O.T.O. The purpose of this thread is to note some observations made in regard to Liber Trigrammaton (Liber XXVII), and to ask some questions about it. Liber Trigrammaton. (English Alphabet Attributions – Class B). Here is Nothing under its three forms. It is not, yet informeth all things. E – The Triple Light, the.

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The sum of the numbers in the Cipher is Having painted oneself in a logical corner, there is only one place to turn: It is these two penciled notes which are the evidence that the SV were originally in a vellum book.

The English Qabalah – Liber Trigrammaton Decoded

From this translation, Crowley spent some unspecified amount of time composing a poetic versification, or paraphrase, of the contents.

Both Gillis and Stratton-Kent met with Joel Love in and were trkgrammaton surprised to find that both Love’s and Gillis’ work contained many striking parallels. Did he forget the change he previously wanted to make?

Comparision with a first edition set of the Holy Books confirms that Vol. He was not satisfied with his commentary. A primary feature of this qabalah is a new understanding of the Cube of Space and its 26 components of edges, faces and vertices, which equal the number of Roman script letters used in the English alphabet.

In any event, the Windram copy is obviously not the source of the Comment on Liber Trigrammaton. June 5, at 4: And in the absence of positive evidence for his motives, changing this sentence now is presumptuous at best. Those who would desire to change the reading of the SV inserted at this point MUST insist as part of their argument that Crowley, the author of the poem, did not at that moment remember the wording of his own work, and mistakenly put in the word Fill, instead of the word Kill, which is supposedly the word that actually appears in the SV from the now lost vellum book.


The only way out is to say he simply missed this one. British Journal of ThelemaVol. At best, TGI is the earliest evidence of a variant reading, but the variance goes beyond just a single word. Next in the timeline is the very telling appearance of the Evocation of Bartzabel in EQ 1 9 in May Learn how and when to remove this template message. But one cannot prove a negative. The dictation took place for one hour, at noon, on three successive days, and resulted in 65 manuscript pages containing verses with close to words of text.

The SV were most likely included in the original manuscript by Crowley, who must have either written them from memory, or deliberately changed them from existing printed versions.

This is simply not plausible. Ultimate criminal enigma continues to intrigue and horrify years on — Sunday Post.

Liber Trigrammaton

Langford subsequently worked with Stratton Kent on The Equinox: That means ALL the evidence, not just the piece that supports a particular conclusion. One of these was his personal copy, which has recently been returned to the OTO, after being kept in storage in South Africa for decades.

He believes a qabalah is specifically related to three factors: Next in the timeline is the publication of CCXX in EQ 1 10its most definitive edition to date, and very nearly in its final form. There is only the evidence that he did indeed change a minor capitalization in the text, which would indicate he was looking very closely at it.


With charts galore and loads of trigram and hexagram graphics, the material has never trigramjaton presented in this form before. And Nuit has promised Thelemites certainty, not faith.

Liber Trigrammaton Sub Figura XXVII

Trigrammagon where Motta got his copy of the material. Breeze has sidestepped the whole issue of taking responsibility for the change, and placed it squarely on the shoulders of Aleister Crowley. The text included specific instructions for the preparation of a standard printed book that reflected its contents.

As there are ten squares per column, this lier is equivalent to taking every eleventh letter of the alphabet as the order and then assigning them sequential values:.

The number of this sum is termed the key of that particular word.

But if it was the first trigrammatob, he later reverted to letters he had written over in this document, which was then published in the New Comment with the full list. But the one piece of conclusive evidence in this regard is missing – the vellum book is lost.

He may have been unsatisfied rather early on, and began to swap around some letters, then never finished the task, and gave away the Windram copy, which raises the slight possibility that it was Windram himself who overwrote the letters originally put there by AC.

Then only was Heaven established to bear sway; for only in the lowest corruption is form manifest.