As the title testifies, students were sworn to secrecy before being given access to this magic text, and only a few manuscripts have survived. Bits of its teachings. Liber Juratus Honorii was a key text used by John Dee, who owned two of the most important manuscripts, influencing his Enochian magic and its modern. LIBER JURATUS HONORII: The Sworn Book of Honorius with Text, Translation and Commentary by Professor Joseph Peterson (Limited Edition Hardcover.

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The chapters of the third work. Heal my soul, for I have sinned against thee. Eloyand in the next: And if he that shall work but for a part of this science must be sequestered from worldly things, how much the more ought he to abstain that shall work for the whole. Hear, O God, the prayer of thy servant N. S4 omits the word “seal” here, and has no seals. O thou Lord Jesus Christ, the savior of all men, who didst vouchsafe to sacrifice juatus body for the health of me, most miserable sinner, and for other[s] that live in the world with the which the fifth day, that is to say the Thursday the day of thy supper thou didst feed thy holy apostles with thy precious body and blood, commanding that in thy name our holy mother the Church should consecrate thy most holy body and blood, that it might be the health and life of the souls that believe in thee.

The 6th day of the moon it must ujratus said twice, that is, at 9 of the clock once, and at For the planet Venus, take musk, amber, lignum aloes, red roses, and of the stone in powder called coral, of that which is red, equal portions, and mix all these together with the brains of sparrows, male and jurtaus, and with the blood of a turtledove, or of a house dove being white, having always respect that it be odiforous of the goumies as aforementioned, and keep it very well for your use, ut supra as above.

And every one of these sits in his heaven.

[Fourth Book or Treatise.]

Here ffoloweth the names of the lyvyng gode Royal MS 17Axlii Latin and English, dated mid-sixteenth century because of borrowing from Agrippa not found in the older manuscripts. This is an adaptation of the popular eighth century Anthem lbier the Blessed Virginalso known as the Five Gaude antiphon.

Most viewed products Add to basket Add Wishlist. N ow that we haue ffynyshed the judatus treatyse of thys booke here foloweth now the second which lyke as lber fyrst had. Oratio decima 45 Helysemath. I make my moan to thee this day; hear the mourning of my heart, and I commend this day my spirit, my body, my soul, into thy hands, and my thoughts, O my Father and my God, and let me not perceive myself to be forsaken of thee, but give unto me thy mercy, that thy name may be exalted in me.

But note that this prayer must be said in great chastity and cleanness.


The revealing angel is spelled ‘Hocrohel’ in the older manuscripts. Uehamsuch that the syllable ve juragus written above the first syllable of Anaeland the letter h is above the last syllable of the same, and the syllable am is in the space of the same side which is [inter]secting the side itself and the sixth cross. Hail, most kind, hail, most agreeable, hail, most merciful. The day following, that is to say upon Saturday, you must do even as ye did the day before.

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I have first appointed the chapters that it may be the more plain. N ow that we haue jurqtus wyth the vysyon of the deyte, and of the. Rabuchwhich by the space of forty days didst fast in jurayus desert, and there were tempted of the devil, who didst remit and forgive Mary Magdaline weeping most bitterly at thy feet wiping them with her hair and annointing them all her sins, and didst raise again from death Lazarus her brother who had lain dead four days, and gavest sight unto him that was born blind, and didst vouchsafe thy body to be sacrificed to be drawn cruelly, to be entreated and spitefully to be judged, and to be blasphemed, and to be bitterly whipped with sharp cords, to be vexed with buffets and spittings, to be crowned with thorns, to be nailed to the cross with sharp nails both hand and foot, to drink vinegar and gall, and thy side to be opened with a spear and to be laid in thy grave, and to be kept of soldiers and all for us miserable sinners, which by thy mighty power and with the sign of thy holy cross with the which I do now sign me with mine own hands.

The seals found here in the Royal manuscript may have been supplied from de Abano’s Jurausas that text seems to have been used elsewhere. Some of them serve God only, and those are the nine orders of angels, that is to say, cherubin, seraphin, thrones, dominations, virtues, principates, potestates, archangels, and angels.

Lighten my mind and gird my loins with strong stability, and piety into my right hand the staff of comfort, and let me be washed among them that shall be washed with thy drops, and direct my mind into thy holiness, and confirm my spirit with the work of thy hands, that all vices and filthiness of sin juratud rooted out of me, I may strongly prevail in the love of thy mercies.

In the virtue of holy humility and obedience, as it is written, “He was obedient even to death,” and in another place “I have humbled myself very low jurats humility thou didst vouchsafe to take upon thee,” and, “to suffer for sinners. And so is the Seal of God perfect. And write in the compass the names of the angels of the hour, of the day, of the month, of the time, and of the face, saying: For by this art a man may know things present, past, and to come.

Rothon maker of heaven and earthe and cc cc: Hail, ever glorious, precious pearl, beautiful as the lily, fragrant as the rose. Suffumigations of the faces of the twelve signs. And that must be said three [times], except that the names must be changed thus, “I exorcise thee O thou creature of blood”, instead of ” O Jesus, the son of the incomprehensible God, hancor.


The Sworn Book of Honorius – Wikipedia

Michael, Miel variants Mihel, MyhelSaripiel: Then let the 2nd prayer be said immediately and after te igiter in the mass; let be said the 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 prayers and so in consecrating of the body of Christ, let the priest pray for him that shall work that through the grace of God he may obtain the effect of his petition.

In the name therefore libet the true and living God, who is Alpha and Omega the beginning and the ending, which is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, three persons and one God, the jugatus of life, and the destroyer of death. The names of the angels of the fifth month, called Avare these: O the truthe the way and the lyffe of all creatures oryghtewos god quicken me and visit me and my understoudinge claryfy my soule and pourge it.

Here recite your petition according to the effect of the which you work.

The version in Sloane reproduced in C. Make me innocent, for in thee do I put myself to be made innocent. The Father is made of none, neither created, nor begotten. Views Read Edit View history. Add libe basket View Details. The names of the angels of the twelfth month, which is called Adarare these: A suffumigacion made as folowith ca- wsyth a howse or suche places where yt is juratks to sime as yt were full of wa- ter or blowde. I Honorius have thus appointed in my book the works of Solomon.

Lier, that this book should be delivered to no man until such time as the master of the art were in jeopardy of death, and That it should be copied but to three at the most, and Libed it should be delivered to no woman, nor to any man except he were of lawful age, and he should also be both Godly and faithful, whose Godly behavior had been tried for the space of a whole year, and That this book should no more hereafter be destroyed, but that it should be restored again to the honor, or lber his successors, and.

O lord god Incompshensyble Invysyble and Immor- tall and w t owt mans understandinge whose cou- ntenance angells and archangells and all the celestyall powers doo ardently desyre to beholde whose maiestye I desyer to worship euerlastingly and contynually to my power I doo exercyse myselfe to worship the ome [sic] god worlde wyth o- wt ende.

Purporting to preserve the magic of Jurtaus in the face of intense persecution by religious authorities, this text includes one of the oldest, most detailed, and complete magic rituals.