Materia Medica by KentMATERIA MEDICA By Kent Homeopathic remedies and their abbreviationsABROTANUM – (abrot) ACETIC ACID. Buy Lezioni di materia medica omeopatica by Liber Salus (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling.

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kent materia medica ebook

Home Documents Materia Medica by Kent. Post on Nov views. Now comes a demand for a second editing which preserves its original colloquial style which was used by the lecturer in the classroom.

Many remedies have been added and the whole work has been revised. Many remedies are in a new and later form of presentation. While the “symptom list” is a most important form in the homeopathic Materia Medica, yet it is hard to grasp the idea of the remedy from that form when it is listened to by students.

The author has adopted a QUASI clinical method of stating and grouping symptoms in a manner to bring out an image of each remedy. If these lectures shall enable some practitioners to more fully comprehend our polychrests then all that has been hoped for has been gained.

It is believed that the human mind is only able to hold a general image of each remedy. Owing to the strong kmeopatica of students, though against the author’s inclination, the colloquial style has been permitted to stand.


The lectures are presented in the simple form to explain the author’s plan of studying each remedy. The speech of laymen presents all sickness to the physician’s mind, hence the Materia Medica must be reduced from’ technicalities to simple speech.

Materia Medica by Kent – [PDF Document]

No two remedies are studied exactly alike. Each has its own requirement in order to bring before the mind what is characteristic.

Not all of the Materia Medica has been brought out, but the leading and fully proved remedies such as have strong characteristics have been presented for the purpose of showing how the Materia Medica must be evolved and used. There are other methods of studying a remedy, but this seems to the omeopafica the most natural way of giving to the student oneopatica lasting idea of the nature of each remedy. It may be that it seems so because it is the only way the author could ever do it.

The numerous repetitions of characteristic symptoms may subject mesica work to criticism, but experience has shown that it is the only way of giving the beginner a lasting grasp of the remedy. A complete digest would be endless. If some of the younger practitioners and students of the Materia Medica shall meet the assistance in this work they have been mdeica for, it is all that can be expected. It is tedious and drudgery at best, but no more so than any great science.


2363 Materia Medica by Kent

Because of its greatness, many will fail to undertake it even when it is for the saving of life and lessening of suffering, yet many will not decline to offer their services to the people knowing full well and confessing ignorance openly that the methods they offer are inadequate, useless, and often destructive. Some profess not to believe in this careful way of analyzing the symptomatology, but if some easy method is offered for a pretended mastery of it.

It can be understood but not memorized. All who would memorize the Materia Medica must ignominiously fail.

To Download B.H.M.S. Homoepathic Materia Medica-I Syllabus

To be constantly at hand, it must be constantly and correctly used. The continuous study of the Materia Medica by the aid of a full repertory for comparison is the omeoatica means of continuing in a good working knowledge. To learn the Materia Medica, one must master Hahnemann’s Organon, after which the symptomatology and the Organon go “hand in hand.