19 out. Exame objetivo. Inspeção. Palpação. Dermatoscopia .. Exame subjetivo. Exame físico geral: mucosas, anexos. 18 jul. Title Slide of Dermatologia Afecções Ulcerosas. Lesões elementares. melianedaud · Reflexologia guia prático. projetacursosba · O livro de. Trabalho realizado na Disciplina de Dermatologia do Departamento de Clínica Médica da Faculdade de aprendizado reconhecendo as lesões elementares.

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Marco Andrey Cipriani Frade. Thiago A M Andrade. The vegetal biomembrane has been used to treat cutaneous ulcers.

To assess the role of the vegetal biomembrane on the chronic venous ulcers treatment compared to treatment with collagenase cream. The vegetal biomembrane was better in promoting healing of the ulcers, especially on the inflammatory phase, confirmed by abundant exudation dermatllogia wound debridement than the CONTROL group, on the 30th day. There was a greater tendency to angiogenesis followed by re-epithelialization with highest wound healing index on the 90th and th days.

A combined analysis of clinical and histopathological findings suggests that the vegetal biomembra- ne acted as a factor inducing wound healing, especially on the inflammatory phase, eleementares by abundant exu- dation of dermtaologia lesions promoting the transformation of the microenvironment of the chronic venous ulcers, and also stimulating angiogenesis and subsequent re-epithelialization.

Biological dressings; Latex; Leg ulcer; Wound healing Resumo: Approved by dermatologoa Advisory Board and accepted for publication on They can also be caused by trau- venous ulcers in the presence of the vegetal biomem- ma, neoplasia, infections, panniculites and pyoderma brane from the Hevea brasiliensis rubber tree, com- gangrenosum.

All patients were selected of efficacy and cost, so that the patient can maintain it by the presence of venous leg ulcer for more than 2 and thus achieve a satisfactory result, as the lesions months, diagnosed according to clinical signs like: Patients with The healing of the ulcers is a sequence of com- uncontrolled high blood pressure, diabetes or other plex biologic events dermatoligia involve cellular and molecu- systemic disease were excluded.


Dermatology in the arts

The elementarez data from lar processes, like the recruiting of leucocytes, inflam- the patients and characteristics of the ulcers are mation, angiogenesis and collagen deposition and re- described on table 1.

METHODS Experiments with dogs showed that the material was The leg ulcers were cleaned with saline solu- an important inducer of healing of the oesophageal tion at 0. There are current reports that the VBM per- Clinical evaluation forms in various stages of the healing process of the After filling up the protocol at consultation, the leg dermatologis, like on the removal of the necrotic tissue ulcers were photographed on days 1, 30, 60 and 90 debridementproliferation of granulation tissue for clinical follow-up.

The images were analysed by An Bras Dermatol. For the categorical variables like progressive, normalized Ulcer Healing Index UHIdescribed as regressive or indifferent, the analysis between the the ration of the difference between the initial area groups was done by the Mc Nemar test applied to the and the area on day 30 over the initial area, as pro- results obtained as progressive and regressive.

The posed by Caetano et al. VBM group only half corresponded to the first Statistical analyses episode Table 1. On the VBM tile deviations. However, dur- strated with figure 2. It was observed that the treatment with the control group were relapsing cases as opposed to VBM has a tendency to regression in terms of necrosis 7.

This result was confirmed by the accentuated granulation hypergranulation. On the histopathological study, with a tendency to regression other hand, on the control group the granulation of the necrosis and inflammation variables on the stimulus was very mild dermatokogia no case of hypergranula- VBM GROUP also superior than the CONTROL tion was observed.

The dermatoloyia analyses of some patients of the The increase of the ulcer exudates at the begin- VBM GROUP, showed that the treatment led to an ning of the treatment was reported and observed by intense vessel formation, represented by exuberant the patients on the VBM GROUP, which gradually granulation around the 30th day, with a light red color decreased with the use of dressings, probably related granulation tissue neoangiogenesis.


Meaning of “perifoliculite” in the Portuguese dictionary

However, with to the inflammatory activity triggered by the VBM, the progression of the treatment the tissue became which increases the vascular permeability and conse- more compact, accentuating the color to a darker red quent intense exudation.

As for its mechanism of collagenesis at around the second month of treat- action it was proposed by Andrade that VBM ment, which represents the tissue transformation pro- has an intense inflammatory activity, at the cost of moted by the VBM, highlighting its importance as an polymorphonucleocytes, histologically demonstrated inductor of healing tissue both on the tissue forma- by the increase of the myeloperoxidase, as well as ldsoes tion and on the tissue remodelling stages Figure 2.

Juiz de Fora; Leg ulcer etiology–a cross sectional population 3. Ueber paraplaste eine neue form medikamentoser pflaster. Wound repair and regeneration. Faculdade de Medicina de healing in mice.


Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research, v. Chronic phlebopat- hic cutaneous ulcer: A natural biomem- brane as a new porposal for the treatment pf pressure ulcers. Med Cutan Iber Lat Am. Management of diabetic skin wounds with a natural latex biomembrane.

Phototherapy impro- Marco Andrey Cipriani Frade ves healing of chronic venous ulcers. The vegetal biomembrane in the healing of chronic venous ulcers.

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