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Devido à sua importância para o país, foram sancionadas a Lei nº , .. Disponível em: [ Links ]. The interpreters of Sign Language have an essential role in the education of [Paper reference 1]. 6 set. No caso dos relativamente incapazes, a lei não lhes retira a ingerência ou a participação na vida jurídica. Eles praticam os atos em seu próprio.

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Literatura e outras linguagens.

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As imagens do outro sobre a cultura surda. Thus, there is still a long road to be pursued to achieve their full constitutional rights. Verbal-visuality helps build the object of knowledge from a theoretical-methodological perspective.

According to the interpreters, in order to improve the teaching and learning process of deaf students, for example teachers could receive practical guidance on strategies to be used with this public, with the increase of visual materials, approaches and strategies.

On that matter the work of interpreters should be more recognized as important for the teaching and learning process of deaf students leading to the improvement of their work conditions for attending them.

Besides, all these elements compose the genre discussed here. In the present study we investigated the perception of Brazilian interpreters that work in a Federal Institute of education, science and technology in the northern region of Brazil. In this sense, we understand that the professional SLTIs who are on stage integrate the scene and, thus, dialogue with it and become lri of the text and the theatrical scene.

Translated lej Orison B. Another important issue cited was the lack of specific signs to interpreter, which according to one of the interpreters: This phenomenon is applicable to any linguistic translation; however, on stage there is also the need for an approach that considers the specific enunciative situation. On that purpose we employed a quali-quantitative approach by using a questionnaire with structured and non-structured questions. In sum, we point out that the data analysis presented here reinforce the importance of the verbal-visual nature of texts produced in the theater and emphasize that this verbal-visuality, so present in theatrical scenes, is an essential material for Libras interpreting, especially because its target text is a visual-gestural language, a verbal-visual language in its own essence.

Some commented about the lack of basic knowledge of LIBRAS among the staff and teachers that would be essential and helpful with deaf students.


This work was performed in a Federal Institute located in a State of the North region of Brazil selected due to its recent creation. Even so, the focus of these inquiries was only interpreting processes, training and quality. She turns her head and sees the actress holding the papers on a sm. One of the interpreters commented: In the present work we analyzed the perception of all IFECT interpreters in relation to their service with deaf students, professors performance and institution conditions.

Our objective is to investigate verbal-visual discourse and its sense effects on Libras interpreting by means of a qualitative analytical-descriptive study of two 01436 performances in which Sign Language Translators and Interpreters SLTI interpreted them so as to guarantee communication accessibility to deaf people.

Four of them were from IFECT and nine were hired as temporary servers to work with the deaf students. O teatro no cruzamento de culturas.

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It is necessary to consider text in its broad sense, distant from the notion that it has only a verbal nature. If studies on verbal and visual communication are developed separately in several areas of knowledge with a respectable tradition, today the verbal-visual condition of language has a privileged place as social, cultural, discursive production and, for this reason, also as a study object BRAIT, ABSTRACT In this article, we examine the activity of simultaneous interpreting from Portuguese to Brazilian Sign Language Libras in the theatrical sphere, based on a dialogue between interpreting and theater studies, and theoretical formulations by Bakhtin and the Circle.

Russian Essays on Visual Culture. I also whish that this public get into ej Federal Institute and feel the difference from other institutions. The Sign Language interpreters should pursue quality in their work to ensure the inclusion of deaf students at schools.

According to the IFECT data, deafness is the disability with ek higher frequency among the students that occupy these vacancies. The whole is, after all, defined by its boundaries, and these boundaries run along the line of contact between a given utterance and the extraverbal and verbal i.

Verbo-visualidade e seus efeitos na interpretação em Libras no teatro

This article also aims to diffuse the results of workshop aimed at reducing misinformation caused by the linguistic and cultural barrier existing between the deaf and hearers. Before we analyzed and interpreted data, we described a the characteristics of the cultural institution where the performance took place in relation to the concept of accessibility; b the information about each performance, rm as its duration, synopsis and the means of publicizing it; c the description of the stage setting, costumes and lighting; d the issues related to actors acting and interacting with the audience and the setting elements; e the number of E, their positioning and work arrangements; f the interpreting strategies used by SLTIs to indicate deictic elements.


The verbal-visual dimension, i. All these study processes were fundamental for them to make decisions, since their position ldi the pit did not allow them to watch the whole scene at the very moment it happened. As research subjects, we chose two professional SLTIs hired by the cultural institution and the actors. Approaching interlingual interpreting as a discursive practice, Sobral and Nascimento propose that it mobilizes genres in circulation; that is, interpreters, during their activity, mobilize discourses which are already part of social-historical ways of symbolically constituting ej world 11 lie are constituted by specific semiotic-ideological systems.

The Brazilian Guidelines and Bases Law LDB regulates the educational access and the specialized services to include students with disabilities and linguistics special needs such as deaf students in the current educational system. Rather, as it seeks forms to produce and establish senses, it traverses a series of dimensions: Revista de Estudos do Discursov. Deaf people are currently strengthening their citizenship.

We must also consider that the activity of simultaneous interpreting deals with immediacy and unpredictability. The issue of deaf education in Brazil is still a problem with no easy solution.

It can be congenital or acquired and may significantly compromise the teaching process currently based on orality worldwide Lima, It is in these study periods that SLTIs explore 10463 find out clues regarding the elements that will constitute utterances produced during the theatrical performance.

Each set of cognate forms, i. Due to the geographic distance between IFECT units, seven interpreters received the questionnaire delivered in person, whereas four received it by e-mail, immediately answering and returning it. Lfi John Hopkins University Press, Because inclusion is not just leo detail here or there, but as a whole, from the entrance door to the classroom.