Posts about Legioonalainen Peters written by Johnny Antora. Kyösti Pietiläinen Legioonalainen Peters. 3 likes. Book. Legioonalainen Peters Tarkka-ampujan tähtäimessä – Ebook written by Kyösti Pietiläinen, Ville Kaarnakari. Read this book using Google Play Books app on.

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Niko rated it liked it Feb 03, Saari on Formula 1 leioonalainen rautainen asiantuntija, joka tunnetaan Suomessa F1-kilpailujen selostajana. Unlike with the French operation in Rwanda where all military reports were classified, this was a UN mission where incidents involving UN personnel were meticulously logged and reported in a transparent manner.

Petri Ruuska rated it really liked it Apr 06, This was back in It was everything but calm. Henrik rated it liked it Mar 15, Flowing text, Original pages.

Our mission was to secure distribution of humanitarian aid, pefers protect refugee camps and to create a humanitarian zone in the west of the country. This in itself was curious.

Legioonalainen Peters | johnnyantora

On March 22 a thirteen-year old girl was reportedly killed by a sniper. WildernessGeneral rated it it was ok Jul 27, At a quick count, Peters eliminates single-handedly at least three dozen enemy soldiers or fellow legionnaires. Terroristit legioonallainen ranskalaislasten koulubussin ja peteds lunnaiksi mahdottomia. May 16, Jukka Vuorinen rated it really liked it. For half a year I manned the same observation posts and ran the same patrols in and around Sarajevo airport that Peters had, so it was again interesting to compare our experiences.


After all, the books were now co-written by Mr. Especially by road sides you will legioonalaonen population and small hamlets of houses and huts everywhere. Markku added it Aug 30, But our veterans are getting old and few.

Since Peters — or his editor — has written eight more books about his adventures: June-August is dry season in Rwanda. The Serbs were enforcing the ban with machine guns, and many a nights we pulled wounded civilians inside our armored personnel carrier APCwhile getting exposed to the bullets ourselves, too.

The town has been burned down. Especially the civilians were friendly towards us. As the legionnaires flee the scene, their APC gets peppered with heavy machine gun fire. Minna added it Mar 21, The Serbs who had surrendered the control of the airport to French troops had demanded that no-one was to be let across, and the French played along.

Kaarnakari, Ville

Someone else gets wounded. Trivia About Legioonalainen Pe Serbs open fire with a machine gun. Web, Tablet, Phone, eReader. From here Peters fast-forwards the story to the end legioona,ainen March. A show of unprovoked hostility such as the one Peters describes seems very unlikely.


Peters writes that after the operation they also flew out from Kigali and returned to Djibouti. Peters and his men are forced to flee the scene.

Legioonalainen Peters: Verinen keidas by Kyösti Pietiläinen

The problem here is that like my company, the 3 rd Co. Maybe this syndrome — a war trauma by being born too late to participate — blurs the perception of the likes who read Legionnaire Peters —series? Hannu rated it it was ok Dec 07, As I said, are the Finns really so dumb that they believe this Peters-baloney? The book is a legjoonalainen of fantasy. Peterss less than two months in Sarajevo, the other squads are also undermanned, presumably due to combat casualties.

I declined this as irrelevant to peeters, and suggested she could explore the curious case of Legionnaire Peters instead. Jun 26, DropOfOcean rated it liked it Shelves: In summerwhen the government troops finalized a tunnel which run under the tarmac and connected Dobrinja with Butmir, the numbers of attempted airport crossings fell. This would have been equally impossible.