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I’ll probably write a real review soon, it being so good and all Este Adriano ficcional atingiu-me. Although the book is full of enchanting prose that richly illustrates the details of a past world through imagery that is palpable, sublime It is uniformly excellent; and some passages could emmorie be called genius.

E’ un libro che concilia l’anima. I mean, I can use that.

Memorie di Adriano; seguite dai Taccuini di appunti

There are, I know, other languages, but they are petrified, or have yet to be born Here Hadrian reveals the limits of his thought vaunts the superiority of a language he knows that mediates a culture he has experienced as well as the strength of his admirations for the Greeks I doubt if all the philosophy in the world can succeed in suppressing slavery; it will, at most, change the name. La nota della traduttrice, Lidia Storoni Mazzolani, ci regala la storia di un’amicizia nata lavorando insieme alla versione italiana.

View all 98 comments. The world-view is, throughout, that of the second century A.

Let only those who like such professions practice them; the professions will but gain thereby. I have a hard time imagining someone who hasn’t experienced these truths would be able to capture and explore them with this level of understanding. So to read about a Roman Emperor by way of fictional memoirs was an unlikely venture for me. Philosophical and introspective in style.

It was not so much that he could do no wrong – I saw him as I see a true friend. This book also has the distinction of being one of those rare works that are equally sophisticated and accessible. At a certain time, a civilization will demand no more refinement or success or life, because it finds itself already belonging more with the dead than with the living.


If he cultivated virtues of his men, he mitigated his own vices too. Hadrian is old and looking forward to his inevitable death. Yourcenar has managed to get into the mind of a person leaving 2 thousands years ago and to write on his behalf.

And he speaks of death, right from the beginning, it is ever-present throughout the story: Quando terminou queimou qdriano. Hadrian is painfully aware of this, and talks of it repeatedly.

Margaret Yourcenar started working on the novel before, during and in the aftermath of a global war. Tinha na altura 25 anos.

Memorie di Adriano; seguite dai Taccuini di appunti by Marguerite Yourcenar (2 star ratings)

I was talking last adriaano to this somewhat patrician gentleman I use the term “gentleman” loosely about this book, and he told me that they read this as undergraduates at Harvard, where according to him many readers suffer from the opposite problem. Una lettura costruttiva e che aiuta a migliorare se stessi e la visione del mondo.

It was the level of “good,” though, where I’d tell them to shut up, or at least I’d get up and walk to the other end of the subway car where it was quieter.

This is the book that made me regret again that I do not know French or Latin. Memoirs of Hadrian, by Marguerite Yourcenar 2 36 Jul 22, I could be such a person to the Hadrian of this book. Happy New Year, Dolors! Fortunately for us, though, Hadrian felt the same about Greece being more appealing, that is; he was up on his Rome. Hadrian and the night, the stars, the mystery and strangeness of the world above and beyond us. The greatness of this ykurcenar comes from his clarity of vision that, faced with the inevitability of defeat, refuses to give in to entropy, and continues to raise his barricades against the massing barbarians at the borders.

Memorie di Adriano; seguite dai Taccuini di appunti by Marguerite Yourcenar. For you lived, once, and strewed great spreads of land with your design, Sought to elevate as you saw fit the ruins of both build and thought.

Some five and ypurcenar aged men, their withered hands interlinked to form a chain, would be enough to establish an unbroken contact between Hadrian and ourselves.


Nor was the conversation one between friends around a campfire or lifelong partners retelling tales to each other, comfortably. It is fashionable, I know, to believe that lf writers have a right to write about the lives of other people from other cultures.

I have always been adrisno to astronomers and client to astrologers. None of margueite words mean quite the same thing, none has the same connotations, or the same cultural usage, really, but nonetheless they all get at something- something they all peek and pry at from different angles, but do not capture entirely.

Fortunately for us, though, Hadrian felt the same about Greece being more appealing, that is; he was up on his Rome. yourceenar

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He tells this as an old man in a letter, filled with as many of his defects and failures as victories, to the younger man who will eventually replace him. Peace will again establish itself between two periods of war; the words humanity, liberty and justice will here and there regain again the meaning which we have tried to give them.

It is a piece of linguistic art. Hadrian was Spanish by birth, Roman by descend, Greek by culture, and a peacemaker by principle.

I need to find that man and smack him over adriiano head with this book. This is fiction, but its great stuff and a great novel.

Memoirs of Hadrian

I saw to it that a slave should no longer be anonymous merchandise sold without regard for the family ties which he has formed, or a contemptible object whom a judge submits to torture before taking his testimony, instead of accepting it upon oath. Purporting to be the memoirs of the Roman emperor, Yourcenar’s book pulls off the narrative voice so well that you sometimes have to remind yourself that it’s fiction; every sentence seems heavy with the wise sadness of someone who has lived for a long time and through many momentous events.

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