River Conservancy · Darrius Maldonado campaign leader. Laporan Pendahuluan Kolik Abdomen Pdf 27 ->>->>->> Acute acalculous cholecystitis, inflammation of the gall-bladder without evidence of calculi, accounts for 2 to 15% of all cases of acute cholecystitis. PENDAHULUAN: PETUNJUK BAGI PEMANTAUAN DAN PENILAIAN . Pengiraan indikator nisbah/kadar/peratus dalam laporan ini yang Cholelithiasis.

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After being stored in the gallbladder, the bile becomes cholleithiasis concentrated than when it left the liver, increasing its potency and intensifying its effect on fats. Pear shaped saccular structure for bile storage in gallbladder fossa of posterior right lobe 10X4 cm, but depends on volume of bile normal ml Wall thickness- mm has fundus, body, and neck.

Synthesis of the Disease b. Patients with primary biliary cirrhosis have an increased prevalence of gallstones. Obese people synthesize more cholesterol in both hepatic and nonhepatic tissues, transport it to the liver, and secrete more of it into the bile, leading to bile that is often greatly supersaturated with cholesterol.

Calcium bilirubinate may then crystallize from solution and eventually form stones. Because of the attempt to go out of the organ, these stones may cause an obstruction to the common bile duct, also called Choledocholithiasis. Combined, these actions reduce blood pressure. If not properly managed, will lead to sepsis, then septic shock fever, chills, tachycardia may be experienced and eventually death.

In situations of high heme turnover, such as chronic hemolysis or cirrhosis, unconjugated bilirubin may be present in bile at higher than normal concentrations. January 26, WBC: Moreover, they would like to give credit and to know more of the nature and function of the gallbladder. Cruz, Christine Joy M. It reminded them again that nursing profession entails a deep sense of responsibility and challenging tasks.


Gallstones sometimes get trapped in the neck of the gallbladder and can cause persistent pain that lasts more than several hours and is accompanied by fever, also due to the irritation and inflammation of the gallbladder wall. There will also be fibrosis of the liver which may lead to liver cirrhosis. The kidneys appear as sharply outlined bean-shaped organs.

Certain organisms may also play a part in stone formation by altering the composition of bile. As teen-agers living in a fast-phased world and governed by schedules, they too are predisposed to lifestyle modification — especially diet and food preferences which can contribute to the disease.

Functions of Bile The bile has two major functions in the body. Non Steroidal Anti- Inflammatory Drugs.


As stated by her, there is an interval of three days before she feels an urge to defacate. Increased intake of calories, refined carbohydrate, cholesterol, and saturated fats has all been postulated to cause cholesterol gallstones.

There, the two ducts are surrounded by the muscular sphincter of Oddi. There appears to be a familial tendency toward the development of cholelithiasis, but this may be related to familial dietary habits excessive dietary cholesterol intake.

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Bile can flow in both directions between the gallbladder and the common hepatic duct and the common bile duct. Bilirubin, a yellow pigment derived from the breakdown of heme, is actively secreted into bile by liver cells. This causes the compression of blood vessels which increases the intraluminal pressure of blood vessels. She was admitted in the hospital on January 26, due to right upper quadrant abdominal pain.

After four hours of nursing intervention, necessary surgical wound care will be carried out aseptically I: Only hypertension is the major illness of patient C other than that, she was never lsporan except when she gave birth for her children. January 26, Pendahuluqn adult human gallbladder stores about 50 mL 1.


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This conduction of bile is the main function of the common bile duct. Despite its importance in the digestion of fat, many people are unaware of their gallbladder.

The family is currently residing at Calulut City San Fernando pampanga. These ducts ultimately drain into the common hepatic duct. Occlusion of the ducts by pendxhuluan and stones produces the complications of gallstone disease.

Palpation of the abdomen frequently elicits localized tenderness in the right upper quadrant which is associated with guarding and rebound tenderness.

Provided comfort and safety. As nursing students and future nurses, they would want to understand and appreciate more on what is happening to a patient with Cholelithiasis. It stores bile produced by the liver. January 27, Date Discontinued January 27, No allergies were noted and inflammation on the site of infusion.

Triglycerides Triglycerides are a type of fat the body uses to store energy and give energy to muscles.

The only one who can help yourself is you alone. The external surface of the gallbladder becomes scarred and layered by fibrinous exudates and become distended.

If bile contains a relatively high proportion of cholesterol and as bile is concentrated, progressive dissolution of vesicles may lead to a state in which the cholesterol carrying capacity of the micelles and residual vesicles is exceeded. January 26, Hemoglobin The choleliithiasis Hgb test is used to measure the severity of anemia which is characterized by a low hgb value or polycythemia which is characterized by a high hgb value.