Mathematics for the Million – Lancelot Hogben ***. June 20, This is one of the strangest maths books you are ever likely to encounter. Written in the s. Mathematics for the Million has ratings and 20 reviews. Taking only the most elementary knowledge for granted, Lancelot Hogben leads readers of this. “It makes alive the contents of the elements of mathematics.”—Albert Einstein. Taking only the most elementary knowledge for granted, Lancelot Hogben leads .

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Apr 23, Jim marked it as long-term-reading Shelves: A few years later I asked him how he enjoyed it and he proceeded to become my tutor. Feb 13, Owen rated it it was amazing. lanceloh

He seems to come clo…. Aug 21, Odilon Simoni rated it really liked it.

Nowadays people do not differ about what sort of animal is meant by Cimex or Pediculus, because these words are used only by people who use them in one way. So we have a Although I always feel slightly hard done by as a result of the assertion kancelot the title, as there are certainly things here I know that aren’t wrong I mean, come on, the first corrected piece of ‘knowledge’ is that ‘The Earth is only 6, years old’ and I can’t imagine many readers will ‘know’ thatit’s a handy format to provide what are often surprisingly little snippets of information that are very handy for ‘did you know’ conversations down the pub or showing up your parents if you’re a younger reader.

It’s telling of the way popular science was considered in the period that apparently the forr delayed publication as he was up for election to Fel This is one of the strangest maths books you are ever likely to encounter. Written hogebn the s and reissued init’s mathemxtics attempt to provide mathematical instruction up to around A-level standard though obviously the curriculum has changed a lot for someone who, perhaps, doesn’t respond well to the classroom and works better from self-teaching.


Mathematics for the Million

Unlike his contemporaries, who were all for working through hundreds of geometry proofs for completeness, Hogben fills in the parts at each stage of mathematical development needed to reach the next stage and gives us no more. There’s no doubt that Jim Baggott is one of the best popular science writers currently active. Paperbackpages. Mathematics for the Million. To ask other readers questions about Mathematics for the Millionplease sign up. Selected pages Title Page. Jan 28, Yofish rated it really liked it.

It seems to be devised as a self-teach textbook of the future as seen from the sthrowing away the strictures of the rigid teaching approach of that period for something that is more approachable.

Mathematics for the Million – Lancelot Hogben ***

Norton Company first published March Hard for me to believe that anyone would rate this book lower than a five. So an argument about the ‘withering away of the State’ may disclose a difference about the use of the dictionary when no real difference about the use of the policeman is involved.

This isn’t an easy affair, though some readers out there are probably laughing a I actually really enjoy this book but the first time this book was given to me I passed it on to a friend who is much more math loving and math inclined than I.

Not that it will be easy to choke down this much math, but it’s surely possible with a bit of discipline.

As far as Greek science is concerned, the centre is Alexandria and Hogben is careful enough to insist on the description Alexandrian and to point out that the only thing that the mix of peoples associated with Alexandria had in common was their use of the Greek language. Fill in your details below or click mzthematics icon to log in: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Oct 11, Peter Matt rated it it was amazing.


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Mathematics for the Million: How to Master the Magic of Numbers by Lancelot Hogben

James Nickel rated it really liked it Jun 04, To be fair a little more than following rules is required for higher school mathematics, but not much more. His person history is wild. It’s true that physicists have come up with various interpretations of quantum physics, but these are designed as technical mechanisms to bridge the gap between theory and the world as we see it, rather than explanations that would make sense to the ordinary reader.

This is one of the strangest maths books you are ever likely to encounter. I keep this around as a basic text. Don’t be fooled, though – because in Beyond WeirdPhilip Ball has done something rare in my experience until Quantum Sense and Nonsense came along.

George Orwell quotes Hogben among others in his essay Politics and the English Language as examples of writing “below the average” that exhibit “staleness of imagery” and “lack of precision”.

I think it will take me a year to finish this book. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. He explains why this was such a puzzle to the Ancient Greeks, and how the puzzle can be elegantly and simply solved by present-day, grade-school mathematical expressions and a simple graphical diagram. Account Options Sign in. He had a copy of this book given to him by his father-in-law.

Can I get through this?