La Zizanie (Asterix and the Roman Agent) (Une Aventure d’Asterix) (French Edition) [Goscinny, Uderzo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Asterix and the Roman Agent has ratings and 93 reviews. Ahmad said: La zizanie=Asterix and the Roman Agent (Astérix #15), René Goscinnyعنوان: آستر. Buy a cheap copy of La zizanie (Astérix, #15) book by René Goscinny. Julius Caesar resorts to psychological warfare to defeat the little Gaulish village: he’s sent.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Julius Caesar turns to psychological warfare Tortuous Convolvulus the Roman agent is guaranteed to sow jealousy and discord anywhere.

Can he make the Gauls suspect each other of treachery? Has Asterix really sold Rome the secret of the magic potion? And can Asterix, Obelix and Getafix outwit the weedy but wily Convolvulus and get the villagte back to normal? Paperback48 pages. Published October 21st by Asterix first published AsterixObelixJulius Caesar. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Asterix and the Roman Agentplease sign up.

Be the first to ask a question about Asterix and the Roman Agent. Lists with This Book. This has always been one of my favourite Asterix episodes. Most of the action takes place around the village, leaving lots of room for the storyline and dialogues.

Psychological warfare at its finest. Jan 29, Lelyana rated it it was amazing. Kalo Asterix bacanya entah beberapa kali. Sampe bukunya lecek dan akhirnya di bundel supaya gak ilang2an. Komik terkeren sepanjang masa setelah Tintin. Ovaj je bio prezabavan vjerojatno najbolji do sada. Mar 11, Tehanu rated it really liked it Shelves: The characters come alive! The humour is endless, joke after joke! My favorite Asterix album to the date. I want to read more: Sep 28, David Sarkies rated it liked it Shelves: Real Politik in the Ancient World 28 September Ceaser is trying to raise more money and troops to go and fight some more foreign campaigns however is having some trouble with the Senate don’t we all?

Basically they don’t want to approve any more wars until Ceaser gets Rome’s house in order, which basically means subduing the rebellious village in Northern Gaul that we all know so well. However, as has become clear by now, because they have a magic potion, defeating them by shear force of Real Politik in the Ancient World 28 September Ceaser is trying to raise more money and troops to go and fight some more foreign campaigns however is having some trouble with the Senate don’t we all?

However, as has become clear by now, because they have a magic potion, defeating them by shear force of arms simply will not work, so they need another plan — thus enters Convulvulus, a guy whose presence simply sets people at each other’s throats, and a simple word can send people into a frenzy of anger.

The idea is to divide the village so that they are too busy fighting amongst themselves to worry about fighting Rome. The problem is that when left to their own devices they generally fight among themselves anyway, it is just when the Romans decide to pay them a visit, then they will all get together, put aside their differences, to bash the Romans, which obviously makes this task somewhat more difficult.


Asterix and the Roman Agent – Asterix – The official website

I am feeling that by part of the series the Asterix books are not really doing anything new. In a way they are not like the Tintin albums, which simply got better and better the more I read them and I am not sure if I actually read them in order this time, but I know that I now have the complete collection. In a way I find Herge’s writing to be a lot more engaging, and substantially funnier, than the Asterix albums, simply because, in the end, they always drink the magic potion, and always end up beating up the Romans.

One interesting thing that I note is the question that is astterix in this comic of the fact that Asterix does not have a wife. Then we see Asterix and Obelix fighting, and then running back into each others arms because they can’t be angry at each other for too long. It does raise some eyebrows, however I do notice that at least twice Obelix has fallen in love with a woman or was that only one comic, and I am getting mixed up with one of the moviesthough poor Obelix lucks out.

I’m not sure why the writers chose not to give Asterix a wife, but maybe it is because they didn’t feel that he needed one. It is also lz that the Senate refer ziznaie this village in Gaul as being rebellious but it is not as if they are actually trying to expand their territory — they are pretty content simply to live their own lives in their own self sufficient village which does not need money and let the world drift on behind.

I suspect the problem with this though is the fact that they are not paying taxes to Ceaser and this has been indicated an a previous comic that tax collectors have pretty much learnt not to attempt to collect taxes from this village. However, I suspect that it is because they do stand up to Rome that they are seen as a threat that must be subdued because if they stand up to Rome, then that zsterix only astegix others.

View all 4 comments. Apr 08, Tom Morris rated it it was amazing. I’ve been slowly working through the Asteriz series as an adult, and this one has been by far my favourite as yet. I feel that it adds a lot of character depths, and blurs everyone’s motivations quite significantly. Not to mention a marvelous full page spread included in the midst of it.

There is a small fb page named Asterix and galic memes, and I remembered the shelf full of Asterix comics in my library.

Asterix and the Roman Agent

Apr 06, Francis Pellow rated it it was amazing. One of the very best stories. Aug 29, Jc rated it liked it. Asrerix the Ramon agent get the better of Asterix or does Asterix get the better of the Roman agent? Jun 03, Pete rated it liked it. Oikein mainio premissi ja toimiva tarina. Aug 04, Anna rated it really liked it.

The romans plot to conquer the Gaulish village by causing discord among the villagers. This results in a sizable battle. Dec 28, Vanja Antonijevic rated it really liked it. The sixtheenth volume, and one of my personal favorites. It is very witty and well written. In fact, for a comic strip, it is quite brilliant. The ugly, creepy looking guy is probably the best and most formidable oppononent the village faced.


And the Wiki summary astrix With their Magic Potion which gives them superhuman strength and is known only to their druid Getafix, The sixtheenth volume, and one of my astreix favorites. With their Magic Potion which gives them superhuman strength and is known only to their druid Getafix, they easily stand up against Rome and her laws. At a meeting with his associates it is suggested to Caesar that causing internal conflict between the Gauls will lead to their breakdown.

He is then told about Tortuous Convolvulus, a natural troublemaker who can cause dissension and stir up fights between anyone. These have included the lions which were to devour him in the circus and ended up eating each other. His mere presence even causes an argument and a fight between Caesar’s associates [and almost has Caesar arguing with him before Caesar realizes just how brilliant this fellow is].

Impressed by his abilities Caesar sends him to deal with the Gauls. During the crossing Convolvulus subtly causes no end of dissent between the crew, the galley slaves and the Pirates who, in the course of a fight between themselves, sink their own ship.

Meanwhile in the Gaulish village, unaware of all this, things are aeterix organised for Chief Vitalstatistix’s zizabie, a celebration of friendship all round In particular, the wives of Geriatrix and Fulliautomatix and an obese lady whose husband is not mentioned, but who appears in many crowd and background scenes in later albums, are first seen here. In contrast, in the final banquet panel, Vitalstatistix makes his moving birthday speech in pink. Nov 20, The Book Worm rated it it was amazing Shelves: Asterix collection is the kind of books that maverick disappoints I really love the plots, the characters Asterix lagi-lagi berhasil menggagalkan penyerbuan Romawi ke Galia kendati Julius Caesar telah mengutus seorang penghasut.

Si Penghasut ditugaskan untuk merusak tatanan masyarakat Galia dengan taktik adu domba.

Si Asterrix berhasil menjalankan tugasnya. Bahkan Asterix dan Obelix sendiri hampir menjadi korbannya kalau bukan karena keakraban mereka. Dengan keadaan kacau balau di Galia, pasukan Romawi akhirnya menyerbu. Menyadari kelengahannya, Galia kembali bersatu.

Zisanie tidak akan membiarkan pasukan Romawi mengacak-acak mereka. Benar saja, pasukan Romawi mengalami kekalahan telak. Kontra intelejen yang dilakukan Asterix dan Obelix ke kamp pasukan Romawi menghasilkan strategi pertahanan yang bagus. Setelah kalah telak, Si Penghasut kembali dipenjara. Kali ini, dengan kesalahan yang berlipat: Asterix e Obelix dovranno lottare contro un seminatore di zizzania. Tutti sospettano di tutti, ma basta un po’ di buon senso e qualche piccolo trucco per far cadere ogni dubbio e far tornare l’armonia.

Albo con tanti spunti di riflessione e qualche geniale trovata di disegno le vignette verdi per simboleggiare la gelosia e una tavola di battaglia in stile libro di storia.

I nostri amici galli ci insegnano che spesso le cose non sono come sembrano.