La théorie des dominos: Alex Scarrow, Laura Derajinski: Books – About the Author. Alex Scarrow vit en Grande-Bretagne, à Norwich. La Théorie des dominos est son premier roman publié en France. La Theorie Des Dominos (Ldp Thrillers) (French Edition) by Scarrow, Scarrow, Alex and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available.

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Then I’ll definitely calm down with a few tai chi sessions and get back to my 19th century novels. Good things include the focus on the family split across sxarrow country and across the world as its members attempt to reunite against a background of a collapsing society; not so convincing is the conspiracy group responsible for the collapse in the first place and their shadowy hit-man, Ash.

Blaming it on the illuminati was a very bad idea. He finds the power is off but the contents were still cool. Last Light is told through multiple perspectives, and this is where it lost me a little. This is a book all of us should read. But the real fact of the world’s total dependence on oil supplies that could be stopped within days or weeks is true and scary. Scarrow writes with an immediacy that had me gripping the book in a tight hot thrie, hardly daring to breath.

Alex Scarrow dee the dialects of the characters very well too, though I wonder if American readers would spot a Newcastle accent in text as easily as a British reader.

I highly recommend this book. Ahead of me, lies research work for my next thriller, and also some screenplays I’m looking forward to writing.

The story is told from the perspective of 4 people and skips from one to the next, leaving a hanging moment each time. But it had me constantly wondering how my family and I would survive in a world out of control as described here. One thing I found a bit hard tnorie swallow was the behaviour shift of the men and boys during the collapse.


Alex Scarrow

Maybe by a gun at the local sporting goods store. Mar 18, Chris rated it it was amazing.

This terrible book reads like a conspiracy theorists craziest fantasies. Very good Book, Great short chapters and a premise that is very relative. OK, so the idea of some unknown powerful zlex orchestrating the whole thing is kind of silly, but hey, that’s just a back story and not really the point of it all.


It kept up until the end and didn’t disappoint. There are also mystery elements in Last Light that opens the appeal up to more readers than just the apocalypse lovers, and although it wasn’t the type of storyline that I normally enjoy, it was an essential part of the story that I found very intriguing.

Andy Sutherland is something of an alarmist, but the reasons behind his paranoia are actually justified – he knows just how precarious the world is in it’s dependency and has no doubts on just how catastrophic the loss of oil would be.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Mar 20 – I just finished reading doninos few chapters and I already want to stock my pantry with canned goods and barricade my door! Maybe by a gun at the drs sporting goods store. Meanwhile, daughter is at uni and son is at school, and soon all their lives are thrown into dang This is a mad book about peak oil, so a good one for the conspiracy nutjob in your life.


This book made me really think and also kept me awake worrying about stockpiling tinned food! Maybe make you want to learn how to make soap or a pair of shoes.

Last Light (Last Light, #1) by Alex Scarrow

It’s just tgorie device to pin the story on, and I’m ok with that. Not the first writer to pursuit this scenario but it’s not that common.

Andy Sutherland is something of an alarmist, but the reasons behind his paranoia are actually justified – he knows just how precarious the world is in it’s dependency and has no doubts on just how catastrophic the loss of oil would be. I got to the stage of not wanting to read the book as it just annoyed me but I didn’t want to not finish as I had scarrod committed a lot of time to its reading.

Last Light

We all know the truth, but will not face up to it. Books like this make me think I should stock up on tinned goods and bottled water and maybe do some combat training The roads are closed to conserve fuel, because there are no flights there is no more imported food which soon leads to thogie in supermarkets and then on the streets, and man regresses and gives in to al This apocalyptic novel has a fascinating premise. I began to dread the sections on Iraq which had plenty of drama just none of it credable.

Refresh and try again.