La Maison de Bernarda; Les Noces de: Garcia Lorca Federico .. Noces de sang /La maison de Bernarda Alba: Federico García Lorca. Les textes que nous reproduisons ici montrent, encore une fois, Federico Garcia . It has been acceptad by the Republic as an integral part of its educational plan , melodía del «Romance del duque de Alba» ; después, recitado para situar 71), et La Casa de Bernarda Alba, achevée en juin ; peut-être aussi. La Maison de Bernarda Alba suivi de Les Noces de Sang by Federico Robert HIRSH – Texte intégral de la pièce adaptée par Marcelle AUCLAIR et Jean.

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The tolling of bells is heard. Magdalena Have the chickens seen you in that yet? Han levantado casas y casas ; pero no han ahondado en la tierra. I hope it will be long before you darken my door again. Servant My hands are red raw from endless cleaning.

Tengo hambre, mucha hambre. Bernarda I never let anyone lecture me. Bernarda And my daughter heard them. Bernarda Advancing with her stick Spineless, sickly creature! Let them sit on the floor.

Magdalena Well now you know! First woman May you have health to pray for his soul. Paintings of non-realistic landscapes with nymphs and legendary kings. Genial, genial, Salvador Dali7. No hi pue fer mes. A whip and a mule for men. But this is much more than a bit of midnight enthusiasm.


First woman In a low voice Dried up old lizard! Fixeu-vos en les obres que farem Martirio I do things without any faith in them, like a piece of clockwork. She used to be happy: Aamelia Take this one.

May needles prick out her eyes! Bernarda Be quiet, mother!

The bells ring Servant Picking up the sound Ding, ding, dong. Beggarwoman With her little girl Praise be to God! Are we not friends? London, 19 janvierSalamanca, 28 marsArras, 23 juin Amelia You seem better since the new doctor arrived.

The expenses will be limited to mate- rials demanded by the productions, for none of the people engaged in the enterprise will be professionals or receive salaries.

Anything but sit here day after day in this dark room. Martirio I feel the same.

La tierra, el fuego, el aire, el agua. La Poncia And for the others, quite a lot less. La Poncia The old woman. Last night they tied her husband to the manger, se carried her off on horseback to the heights of the olive grove. Have you forgotten about him?


Bernarda How dare you powder your face? Se vive para arriba, para arriba. Magdalena Money makes everything possible!

Federico García Lorca

Third woman The sun feels as heavy as lead. Mis primeras comedias son irrepresentables. La Poncia They said other things too. Bernarda If only out of decency! Vint-i-dos anys de contacte amb Castella!

Lorca, Garcia (–) – The House of Bernarda Alba: Act I

A vast shadowy silence fills the scene. En el meu llibre hi ha un sol personatge. Servant While the mourners were here I had to gag her several times with an empty sack because she wanted to shout for you to bring her a drink of dishwater, and the dog meat she says you give her.

Permission to perform this version of the play, on stage or film, by amateur or professional companies, and for commercial purposes, should be requested from the translator. Bernarda Here, you do what I say.