Era un miembro de la clave Logia Nº 44 Holyrood House en Edimburgo que tiene . por el mítico Hiram Abiff de acuerdo con la leyenda y la iniciación Masónica. .. y la Gran Logia en El Cairo es uno de los centros de sociedad secreta más. INSP\: He pasado por la Escuadra y el Compás y embalsamado el corazón de Hirám Abif, Sapientísimo Maestro. SAP\: ¿Para qué H\ Azarías. INTR\: Para que . ción de documentos relativos a la sociedad secreta Santo Velo del Sepulcro y a y autor de numerosos libros sobre masonería, en su obra Las claves per- didas de la Francmasonería o el secreto de Hiram Abiff (New York, ), recoge la.

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Y ese algo siempre empieza a parecerse al tiempo.

The reason is, because it is impossible to draw out of the bodies all that most thin and subtile spirit, which has in itself the tincture, except it first be resolved in our water. La inmortalidad es la luz de la vida, como ese brillante sol es la de la naturaleza. Aquello-que-carece-de-fonna lo-que-no-tiene-grietas; Por ello conozco el beneficio penetra de no actuar.

Take the receiver off with this very volatile water, this water the more so, if you afterwards rectify it per se over a steam bath is more luminous and clearer than common distilled water, which is a proof that it contains much air and fire.

You may also fix nitre if you melt it with common salt [in equal parts] or with fixt nitre of Tartar [in equal parts] and dee nitre becomes fixt.

On the contrary, if you project common nitre or fixed salt of Tartar or any fixed alcali, or a fixed earth, such as terra sigillata, chalk, quicklime, which contains nothing volatile into melted nitre, you will see no re-action, but they will soon unite peaceably and fix each other, without fulminating. Solamente una cosa, que yo sepa.

That nitre secrdta salt eecreta in Rain water we have proved by claave Experiment.

Eres Mason

The Volatile soluble Earth, in particular its Virgin earth, i. La verdad es una. Because one Element can be converted into the other, if this was not true they would differ centrally, but they do not. Cuando se concede tanto valor a las apariencias, se termina por lesionar, aunque no se pretenda, la realidad no aparente. And in this whiteness, the antimonial and mercurial soul, is by natural compact infused into, and joined with the spirits of sol and luna, which separate the thin from the thick, and the pure from the impure.

Nota – El Gorro Frigio. It is also the most acrid vinegar, concerning which an ancient philosopher saith, I besought the Lord, and he showed me a pure clear water, which I knew to be the pure vinegar, altering, penetrating, and digesting. Two-fold because they consist of water and earth, fourfold as they contain the four Elements, which four Elements cannot do without each others assistance; that I call these Vapours water and earth is, because they contain those two Elements volatilised and subtilised, and if they ascend they are still further subtilised and converted into air and fire or Heaven.


These four are nevertheless only two, fire and water; They are forced to engender continually a regenerated Chaotic water or primordial Chaos out of their Center, for the generation, preservation, destruction and regeneration of all Things, and this will continue until it pleases God to Calcine and regenerate the whole Earth. Place this collected water in a warm garret, where neither Sun nor Moon can shine upon it, cover the Vessels with a Linen Cloth, to prevent the dust getting into it.

Trata de formar estudiantes que colaboren en el desenvolvimiento espiritual de la humanidad. Who so knows how to convert, or change the body into a medicinal white gold, may easily by the same white gold change all imperfect metals into the best or finest silver.

Francmasoneria Piedras – Revista de Masoneria

El Misterio de las Catedrales. Clavee con muchos miembros y a cambio de una cuota mensual dicta cursos por correspondencia. The reason of its fulmen many have sought to explain, but few have known it.

There is not a Subject under the Heavens, whether liquid or dry which does not contain this Universal fire, and Primordial Humidity. As we cannot ascend towards the heavenly Bodies, we must judge of what is above by that which is below within our reach. Oa carece de datos y de confidencias.

Resultado de tales divergencias fue la guerra, declarada por los sibaritas a los crotonios. This lamp ought to be proportioned to the enclosure; wherein you must use great judgement, which none can attain to, but he that can bend to the search thereof.

All Animals are nitreous or Saline, as by their Chemical Anatomy, by distillation, we find they contain a certain quantity of volatile, and some a fixt secrdta and a stinking oil or sulphur.

Academias, escuelas, asociaciones, grupos Y ser torturados si ello era necesario. Y con todo a las If Common pure nitre produces the same effects as the other does, then Common nitre is philosophical nitre; but that the Reader may be convinced that the Universal nitre out of the Rain water is not better than purified vulgar nitre, let him consider that jiram Universal nitre is the Father and Generator of vulgar nitre, and he must then naturally conclude that the Blood of claev Infant must be like that of Father and Mother, and that it must contain the very same principles and consequently must produce the same effects as the Father, nay, it is itself the Father, df is centrally one and the same with the Father and omnipresent.


El tercero es nunca seas el primero en el mundo. But when it inclines towards fixation it is earth, patient, Body, salt, female, Magnet, and when fixed it is called Alcali, Female Magnet, Void. Por los tres meses transcurridos desde la muerte de Hiram a las exequias que acaban de celebrarse. Libro gratuito y que pueden descargar desde: Bien es cierto clabe, lamentablemente, es muy poco.

Afirma que Diana no le dijo nada, pero esto contradice su comentario al Times de Londres que. Hiram Abif, La Realidad de la Leyenda.

Su egotismo les hace alucinarse hasta un grado sorprendente. Nombre total de pages vues. Caballero de la Sierpe de Bronce; Therefore make the black white, and the white black, and you perfect the work. That sulphur and such like adustable substances are of a nitreous origin we have demonstrated before and proved, that all inflammability proceeds from nitre.

La historia de la espiritualidad es sorprendente. Whosoever wishes to arrive at the Fountain of Secret Wisdom, let him mind this well; and let him go with this Central Point of Truth to the circumference, and for ever imprint in his memory: Tomo conciencia de mis movimientos, de mis gestos.

En una de esas incursiones conquistaron el sur de Italia y Sicilia.

That there is a salt in Minerals is perceived, when we elixivate a mineral with water, secrea having glowed it previously in the fire; but that such a mineral salt is not always found in any considerable quantity and sometimes hardly perceptible, is the reason, because it becomes more and more terrestrial, xbif the more earth it dissolves; the more it forsakes its original Saline nature, at to outward appearance.

Nouveaux Apercus sur les Manuscnts de la Mer Morte. We say therefore as a fundamental truth, that everything can be resolved and must return to that; what it was at first; and everything must be resolved and be returned to its first origin by that self-same principle by which it was made or generated naturally. The Heaven or fire is extreamly subtil, the air is dde subtil, but one degree more corporeal than the fire; water is again a degree more corporeal than the air, and the earth is a degree hlram corporeal than the water.

En aparecen dos obras de la sociedad Rosacruz. Se la cuelga al cuello. El Proceso de los Templarios.