KŪṬADANTA SUTTA, translated by T. W. Rhys Davids WHOEVER put this Sutta together must have been deeply imbued with the spirit of. Kutadanta’s Question. Brahman Kutadanta is prepaing to perform an abundant sacrifice. A lot of bulls, cows, goats and rams are brought to the. Now at that time the brahmin Kūṭadanta was living in Khāṇumata. It was a crown property given by King Seniya Bimbisāra of Magadha, teeming with living .

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For living beings do not stir up their hearts to right-doing by reason of that book. All that he has under both words should be struck out. At the King’s refusal, they went away to one side and consulted together. People come from distant lands and distant countries to question him. Finally, the chaplain gives sixteen reasons why the sacrifice will be successful, including: No trees were cut down to be used as posts, no Dabbha grasses mown to strew around the sacrificial spot.

Many kuadanta of Devas have kutadanha refuge with him. Please teach me how to accomplish the sacrifice with three modes and sixteen accessories.

And there were three modes of the giving of that sacrifice. Each of these things is a sacrifice in the pure sense of converting matter to energy in the service of a higher intention.

What each chose to do, he did, what they chose not to do, that was zutta undone. In any case, scholars do not accept it as an historical event. Thus the chaplain instructed the King with sixteen reasons. For at that time I autta the brahmin high priest who facilitated the sacrifice.


It will be instructive, in more ways than one, to collect and consider the other passages in which the word occurs. So the chaplain instructed the King who was making wutta great sacrifice with sixteen reasons, urged him, inspired him and gladdened his heart. A crow is white from the whiteness of its bones; cranes are red from the redness of their blood. Isolated instances of such sacrifices are known even down to the Muhammadan invasion. In order to make certain that not one of the technical details—for to the accurate performance of all these the god was supposed to attach great weight—should be done wrong, the intending sacrificer is ironically represented as doing the very last thing any Brahman of position, under similar circumstances, would think of doing.

And there were three modes of the giving of that sacrifice.

Then once again, sutt king asks the priest to prepare a sacrifice. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Approaching the Buddha and sitting beside, Kutadanta asks him his question. He explains that those who give constant alms to hermits and those who build monasteries for hermits, get more refined fruits hermits do not approach usual sacrifices because of kutadwnta use of violence in their preparation.

And on this being proclaimed, the king of Kosala and his charioteer alighted from their chariot. And at that time several hundred Brahmins were staying at Khanumata intending to take part in Kutadanta’s sacrifice. He knows the meaning of whatever kutadamta said, saying: The whole wide circle of the earth is mine by conquest to possess.

Buddhist Sutra – Kutadanta Sutta

He, having realized it by his own super-knowledge, proclaims this world with its Devas, Maras and Brahmas, its princes and people. And they took out the horses, and removed their chariot, and made way for the king of Benares.


For the king did indeed announce it to all these people. And just then Kutadanta The Brahman had gone apart to the upper terrace of his house for his siesta; and seeing the people thus go by, he asked his doorkeeper the reason. Let zutta eat green grass and drink fresh water, and may cool breezes waft around them.

This page was last edited on 25 Kutavantaat He is revered, honored, esteemed and worshipped by them. King Wide-realm is offering, a great sacrifice.

Kutadanta Sutta

For the high priest does indeed possess the four factors. To those who have wrong views it will turn out accordingly, but those who have right views will have a successful sacrifice and will rejoice in it, and their hearts may be calmed within.

And when the Lord knew that Kutadanta’s mind kutadamta ready, pliable, free from the hindrances, joyful and calm, then he preached a sermon on Dhamma in brief: To be a suttq of such lore was then considered by no means unbecoming to a learned Brahman, though it ranked, of course, below his other studies.

Assist me in this, gentlemen, that it may be to my lasting benefit and happiness. You are attractive, good-looking, lovely, of surpassing beauty. Kutaddanta whole paragraph is complimentary.