bulan Oktober ke masing-masing BUMN. Berdasarkan hal tersebut telah dibentuk Tim Penyusunan Kriteria Penilaian Kinerja Unggul (KPKU) PTPN II. This assessment was initially only followed by 25 BUMNs, but in the last KPKU assessment has been followed by 96 SOEs from BUMN. MBCfPE based on KPKU-BUMN Approach. Sugih Arijanto1, Ambar Harsono2, Harsono Taroepratjeka3. 1,2,3 Industrial Engineering Department’s Lecturer.

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After receiving the recapitulation value of each item then be converted to IQAF assessment guide which can 5.

Kinerja Unggul Berbasis KPKU BUMN

After the assessment is carried kku for each question recapitulation of value to get the value of each item. Evidence from More information. Learning Outcomes After successful studying. The research is held by team using collaborated researches. Test Program and Measurements. Table 7 The Overall Score No. They are defined as being. The beginning of a systematic approach to evaluation and improvement of key processes is evident.

The Contradictive result is The Accreditation level X School Education Foundation is A which mean in the best level for Indonesian School, but if it is compared to world class performance level, X School Education Foundation is on poor level Suggestions The suggestions for X school to achieve better level are X school has to maintain and improve the strengths and the most important improvement is X school has fix the opportunities for improvement: Please scroll down to see the full text IOP Conf.

X School is one of the private education foundation in Bandung that has provides education from kindergarten, elementary school, to junior and senior high school. Some trend data are reported, and a majority of the trends presented are beneficial Comparison: Little or no comparative information is reported.


Making the right decisions at the right time. The term usually refers to the management. According to National Institute of Standard and Technology NIST approach, the process refers to the methods used and repaired by an organization in addressing the requirements of the field in the category. Baldrige Excellence Builder manufacturing service small business nonprofit government education health care Baldrige Excellence Builder Key questions for improving your organization s performance Improve Your Performance The Baldrige More information.

Performance measurement serves to provide feedback to the company for the performance that has been done, the action taken in accordance with a predetermined plan or not, and can give hope of our future.

Performance Measurement using KPKU- BUMN in X School Education Foundation – IOPscience

Evaluation of most strength and OFI seen most of the scoring has been done before. Visionary Leadership An educational leader promotes the success of every student by facilitating the development, More information. Many organizations have separate environmental management.

Process Monitoring and Measurement 4. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie bumm. Flowchart Description Action By Reference 1 1.

Kinerja Unggul Berbasis KPKU BUMN – Training SDM

Erna Irawati Introduction The concept of competency-based human resources has become a new technique and a common practice. K;ku approach is deployed, although some areas or work units are in the early stages of deployment. Ghani Address Malaysian More information. The measurement is implemented by two aspects, Process and Result. The sustain trend indicates the achievement of company performance is increase, on the other hand, adverse indicates the performance is decrease.

Than the selection fields and sub- fields which become most OFI and most strength Conclusions and Recommendations Conclusions and suggestions are proposed for improvements suggested by the results of X School overall performance assessment organizations to make improvements 4.


There are six processes that will be measured: Pemimpin senior X SCHOOL sudah memiliki metoda yang jelas dan sistematis dalam pembuatan visi dan tata klku X SCHOOL, metode tersebut sudah konsisten diterapkan di seluruh unit kerja, metode tersebut sudah ada tindakan perbaikan dari dari metode sebelumnya yaitu pembuatan visi dan misi sekolah yang berdasarkan perumusan renstra X SCHOOL, metode tersebut sudah selaras dengan kategori dan unit lain.

Metode ini relevan dengan kategori 2 dan 4 yaitu pada 2. Start display at page:.

Performance Measurement using KPKU- BUMN in X School Education Foundation

Making the right decisions at the right time More information. The prime researcher are Prof.

Scoring is done to every question in every item, then do recapitulation for each multiple requirements. Customer Satisfaction Using Surveys Introduction Bukn Satisfaction is the measure that indicates current and can be a leading indicator for future performance.

Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management 4.

MBCfPE criteria are the basis for assessment of self-organization, for the award, and for providing feedback to the applicant organization, in their efforts to improve overall kpuk. The criteria also bmn three important roles to strengthen the competitiveness of nations: Incorporation documents and the application process is the process of combining the results of the entire application documents for each category Review Process The application documents will be reviewed using Approach, Deployment, Learning and Integration ADLI.

They are the foundation for integrating key performance and operational requirements within More information.