@property (nonatomic, kopiera, skrivskyddad) NSString * titel, * artist, * genre, * coverUrl, * år; – (Id) initWithTitle: (NSString *) titel artist: (NSString *) artist. NFC Tools is an app which allows you to read, write and program tasks on your NFC tags and other RFID compatible chips. All you need to do is get your device . Re-use/recycle write protected NFC Tags such as hotel key-cards, access badges, price tags, lift cards, key fobs etc You can use this app to associate multiple.

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Build and run your project and take a look at your awesome new horizontal scroller: The first is the method for adding a new album: Now replace init in Skrivskyxdad. Add the following code to the beginning of viewDidLoad: So set the final frame via the following block of code once the view frame is finalized by adding the code to ViewController.

Scroll to an album as before, stop the app, then relaunch to make sure the problem is fixed:. Add the following code to the end kopiega saveCurrentState in ViewController. NFC A – its serial number ex: You can use this notification to call saveCurrentState.


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With NSInvocationyou need to keep the following points in mind: Create the scroll view containing the views. CGRectMake 0,self.

This creates a toolbar which will display the buttons for the new actions, as well as an array to act as the command queue. In other words, it saves your stuff somewhere. This provides a great opportunity to talk about the last pattern on the list: If so, don’t panic, keep calm and feel free to contact us at apps [at] wakdev.

It also creates an empty undo stack. Now, add the following code: This defines a protocol named HorizontalScrollerDelegate that inherits from the NSObject protocol in the same way that an Objective-C class inherits from its parent. The notification sender doesn’t care if the image came from the web or from the file system.

For example, a simple motion with your phone in front of your NFC tag before going to sleep and the WiFi will turn off, the phone will switch to silence and your alarm will be set kppiera the next morning, all by itself.

This way you can record large quantities of information on your tag. Build and run your app to test out your undo mechanism, delete an album or two and hit the Undo button to see it in action: However, there are a few things to consider first: Add the following line to init in LibraryAPI. Real data storage, Bluetooth pairing via Tap to launch; launch applications. The memento pattern captures and externalizes an object’s internal state.


Re: [sv-users] Calc – tabell / tabellmall – The Document Foundation Mailing List Archives

Before you get into the invocation of actions, skrivskyddwd need to set up the framework for undoing actions. If it is, that means there are no more actions to undo.

You also need to call this method when you add HorizontalScroller to another view. BlueLibrary-final There are two other skrivskysdad patterns that didn’t make their way into the app, but are important to mention: Add the skrivdkyddad signature or method prototype to PersistencyManager. Now that the Album class can be archived, add the code that actually saves and loads the list of albums.

So add the following protocol methods: There’s one more thing to do.