The Konica Hexar AF has many talents, most of them hidden Now, before people go and get their knickers in a twist, I do sell all of the cameras. The Hexar AF has to be hands down one of the best made 35mm film AF focusing for Infrared films — adjustable for Kodak or Konica IR films. I have now sold my Konica Hexar AF, but to be honest, I regret it somehow. Although I enjoy my new Leica M very much, the Hexar AF is just.

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Automatic flash exposure is available when used with this HX unit, in variable-aperture automatic mode when set to [P]rogram mode useful for fill-flashfixed-aperture automatic flash mode when set to [A] or [M] modes or manual mode when the flash is set to “P-full”. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. It is often stated that the lens is a copy of the Leica Summicron 35mm f2 lens, although this does not appear to be the case.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Later-production samples of this unit supported additional features, as noted above. Konica Konica Hexar AF. In fact, my Hexar does this now. This page was last edited on 12 Novemberat The databack original Hexar is rare. There is no haze. You most likely have the sticky shutter problem if you experience this.


I used it without its silent mode, as it slows down the autofocus and auto winding function a little bit. Construction is of cast- aluminiumfinished in flat black or silver later modelwith a raised plastic hand-grip.

Vintage Camera Review: Hexar AF (A Beautiful Camera)

Browse Related Browse Related. This is an awesome feature for me as I love to shoot half a roll in one camera and one roll in another. Although I enjoy my new Leica M very much, the Hexar AF is just a camera that helped me make the biggest step into photography and changed my photography style and perspective. Many Hexar AF functions are completely inaccessible if you don’t know the secret unlabeled commands.

The Konica Hexar AF

This enables a slower, but much quieter, film advance, shutter cocking and bexar. Other than that, and the odd off focus shots which happens with any camera, the Hexar is generally very reliable, but then again it IS an over twenty year old camera from a manufacturer who no longer makes cameras for general consumption so be forwarned.

In general, the autofocus in the Hexar is very reliable even when the user themselves might be unsure it got the shot. Totally awesome blog, SAM, and the photo are both beautiful and heartwarming. You press it again. The Hexar’s instruction booklet is poorly written, making it difficult to understand all the camera’s functions. A metal pull-out lens hood hecar the lens.

If you don’t have them memorized, or don’t have an instruction book handy, these effectively secret commands become “The Lost Commands of Hexar. This camera is a joy to use. There is no problem to take a photos.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Bought the first in — a time when I never could afford a full frame digital. I have a fuji x and the RX1 — not really the same feel. Next Photo Of The Day: Had hexag, all sold long time ago. But even these folks knew what a great camera the Hexar was so they had to have it.

Above condition konoca based on my own opinion. The viewfinder uses projected parallax -corrected brightline framelines which shows the field of view to be captured when a photograph is taken. The idea of needing to hold a button down then turning on the camera to go into a silent mode is a weird one to me.

Working around the maximum shutter speed of is not a niggle by film selection. Information in this document is subject to change without notice. Lastly, manual focus with this camera is kind of a joke. No problem in the shooting. High points include a fast sharp lens combined with incredibly quiet and fast operation — quieter and faster in operation than a Leica M6!!