In Vladimir Kolosov created at the Institute the Centre (Laboratory) of Geopolitical Studies and is Kolosov V., Toal G., () An Empire’s Fraying Edge?. In Vladimir Kolosov created at the Institute the Centre (Laboratory) of Geopolitical Studies and is its Kolossov V. and Toal G. An Empire’s Fraying Edge?. Maev, Roman; Kolosov, Oleg; Levin, Vadim; Lobkis, Oleg Here, evidence of abrasion included frayed and unraveling portions of the cable’s armor and to be applied), and the diffracted signals from the panel edge should not contam.

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The signal-to-noise ratio is finally computed for each receiver knowing also the trans- mitter source level and the acoustic noise level in the Gulf of Naples.

Until now, fossil occurrences were restricted to six skulls: Application to ocean-acoustics simulations with solid ocean bottoms.

Assimilation of coastal acoustic tomography data using an unstructured triangular grid ocean model for water with complex coastlines and islands. The International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement has conducted a number of cross-national studies in which Western European countries participated.

Macrofossils are generally interpreted as having been reworked from older, Early to Middle Miocene strata, whereas a Late Miocene -Pliocene age has been accepted on the basis of planktonic foraminifer index species. Full Text Available Identification of fossil cichlids is difficult, because the currently used diagnostic morphological characters for living cichlids are mostly soft tissue based and such characters are hardly preserved in fossils. However, insir benjamin thompson, count rumford of the holy roman empire, became interested in cannon making and how it related to caloric.

Kolosov Vladimir

For the transmission acoustic microscope TAM this problem has remained almost unstudied. First record of a putative Ectodini.

The transmission loss results are compared with those of single-core honeycomb panels with the same cell sizes. The planktonic and benthonic foraminifera content of the lower and middle miocene successions exposed at southwest Sinai in Egypt have been studied.

A sequence stratigraphic study has been carried out by using 2-d seismic data in the Turkish portion of the eastern Black Sea basin. Analytic analysis based on coupled-mode theory and transfer matrix reveals that the impedances of the lenses are matched to those of the background media.


Then the acoustic receiving characteristics of transmitted signals in a length-limited periodic drillstring channel are obtained in single- and dual-receiver modes. Correlating carbon and oxygen isotope events in early to middle Miocene shallow marine carbonates in the Mediterranean region using orbitally tuned chemostratigraphy and lithostratigraphy.

Selected publications of CASCADE’s partners

In the limit of an infinitely strong discontinuity there is complete in phase reflection. Therefore, a denser local network of infrasound stations may be helpful for tsunami warnings, not only for very large earthquakes. Paleomagnetic and chronostratigraphic constraints on the Middle to Late Miocene evolution of the Transylvanian Basin Romania: These include Globoturborotalia apertura, Globorotalia puncticulata Deshayes, Globorotalia spheriomizea Walters, Neogloboquadrina pachyderma Ehrenberg, and Neogloboquadrina acostaensis Blow.

Nine plates of scanning electron micrographs illustrate the principal planktic foraminifera used to establish the biostratigraphic framework. The second phase is marked by a marine transgression from the west, reinstalling open-marine conditions in the CP and causing marine incursions in the EP during the Konkian. An additive downward white Gaussian noise is also introduced in the channel. The Krong Pa graben thus contains oil-prone lacustrine source rocks, effective conduits for generated hydrocarbons and reservoir sandstones side-sealed by the graben faults toward Preliminary research with broadband signals suggest that they should outperform narrowband response in both free space and sound channel environments.

Underwater acoustic channel properties in the Gulf of Naples and their effects on digital data transmission. Nevertheless, further detailed studies, especially the recovery of drill cores, are necessary to establish a more robust chronology of the evolutionary stages at the transition between the western Scotia Sea and the southern South Atlantic Ocean.

As a result, the model primarily considers 1-dimensional wave propagation; however, approximate solutions for higher-dimensional phenomena e. The sound transmission loss STL characteristics of three different models, triple- quadruple- and quintuple-paned windows identical in size and surface density, are analyzed for improving the acoustic insulation performances. Global paleosol and climate maps of the Middle Miocene Thermal Maximum.

Among his main works are: Issue Numberin addition to European area edgw, notes, and abstracts, contains reports in the fields of Acoustics, Atmospheric Electricity, Computer Science, Electronics, and Physics.

Both subunits contain organic carbon contents in the order of 1 to 2 wt. As the Ir was deposited at the two sites at about the same time ko,osov they are one quarter of the way around the world from each other it seems likely that the deposition was world-wide.


For the first time, we present the application of an unstructured triangular grid to the Finite-Volume Community Ocean Model using the ensemble Kalman filter scheme, to assimilate coastal acoustic tomography CAT data. In situ quantitative characterisation of the ocean water column using acoustic multibeam backscatter data. The east-west trending zone between these two detachment faults, which forms their common footwall, comprises a tectonic horst formed during Middle Miocene slip on the detachment faults.

During the Karaganian, the EP turned into a lake-sea that supplied a unidirectional flow of low-salinity waters emlire the west, where the CP sea experienced its Badenian Salinity Crisis. With these impedance-matched acoustic lenses, we demonstrate the acoustic focusing effect by finite-element simulations.

Measured acoustic arrival peaks were unambiguously associated with predicted ray arrivals.

ocean acoustic transmission: Topics by

Mysticeti in the Central Paratethys, a Miocene water body which covered the area of present-day Central Europe. The pace of Earth’s background climate variability is known to be driven by the Milankovitch cycles, variations in Earth’s orbital parameters and axial tilt. It is distinctive for the whole region that there is an interest of the state policy for stimulating the organic agriculture, aspecially in the areas where share is a large number of unemployed people due to the privatisation proces in industry.

Six hundred seventy-nine men with a mean age of Brief communication “Seismic and acoustic -gravity signals from the source of the Indian Ocean Tsunami”. Morphological and anatomical comparisons with the two previously recognized European Tertiary species indicate that the North American specimens are morphologically inseparable from Tetraclinis salicornioides Unger Kvacek.

In this paper, a fully vibro- acoustic model for sound transmission across a multi-pane aircraft window is developed. Increased control performance was seen in a double panel system consisting of a stiffer radiating panel due to its lower modal density and also as a result of better impedance matching between the piezoelectric actuator and the radiating plate.

The latter two characters are traceable in several members of tribes within the Pseudocrenilabrinae. This results in limited retreat of the ice sheet once it has reached the continental size, as likely occurred prior to the Miocene.