Archive page of Knoppix-STD Linux distribution at Free Download Knoppix STD – STD is a Linux-based Security Tool. Actually, it is a collection of hundreds if not thousands of open source. Knoppix-STD is a customized distribution of the Knoppix Live Linux CD. Boot to the CD and you have Knoppix-STD. That would include a customized linux.

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SecurityPenetration Desktop environment: Live CD The last version Released: It is a live Linux distribution, so it runs from a bootable CD in memory without changing the native operating system of the host computer. STD uses Linux kernel 2.

Knoppix STD – ForensicsWiki

STD focuses on information security and network management tools. There are a large set of security tools pre-installed and divided into the categories: Your email address will not be published.


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Sparky iso images of both lines stable and rolling have been rebuild and updated. This is a minor but important update which wtd new settings of Sparky repositories.

No system reinstallation is required of There is a change in the Sparky repository as of 27 December C, Python First release: May 17, Rating: Uzbl — a lightweight browser based on uzbl-core.

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TwitVim supports most […]. Responsive Theme powered by WordPress.

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