Power Plant Labelling Sytem (KKS Numbering Code) Checklist for Civil Procedure. a helpful checklist when running through a civil procedure exam. Mar 8, MEDUPI POWER STATION I Doc No-: KKS01 I Rev: 1 KKS CODING AND LABELLING Doc Type: Procedure Page 2 of 26 Contents 1. Purpose. Procedure for Plant Identification(KKS Numbering System). Uploaded by Tung Hoang Power Plant Labelling Sytem (KKS Numbering Code). Uploaded by.

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QCG Central chemical supply free for use e. In the electrical and instrumentation control engineering sectors, the equipment for auxiliary services, power supply, open-loop-control, instrumentation, etc. They are made up of classifying and numbering code elements.

Coding letters and designations of the main groups F1 as given in the Function Key: It is a common practice to apply a grouping numbering of equipment units: Code 0 Identification Common for the plant unit: Rules on the Keys The Equipment Unit identified in breakdown level 2 belongs always to the System designated in breakdown level 1.

There are also cases of deviations consisting in using the dividing symbol twice, and AN, e.

V Lubricant supply system W Sealing fluid supply system X Fluid supply system for control and protection equipment. Increased unit sizes, higher rates of automation and further procedire in power-plant technology, coupled with the demands made on classification systematics by power plant operators, all called for a uniform and total solution of the classification problem. Calculation of new value on base of 2 variables, e.

Procedure for Plant Identification(KKS Numbering System)

Order according to voltage levels, counted from higher voltages to lower. A Grid and distribution systems B Power transmission and auxiliary kis supply C Instrumentation and control systems D Instrumentation and control systems E Conventional fuel supply and residues disposal F Handling of nuclear equipment G Water supply and disposal H Conventional heat generation J Nuclear heat generation K Nuclear auxiliary systems L Steam, water, gas cycles M Main machine sets N Process energy supply for external users e.


This prefix sign is omitted when there is absolutely no ambiguity in layout documents. The individual breakdown levels are differently formatted. It is one digit which identifies one from two or more identical subsystems in the overall plant. Room Code The room code serves to identify physically separate and fictitious rooms in structures and in the outdoor area. The grid sizes and the meaning proceduure type of the data characters A or N are subject to agreement between the parties to the project.

The additional code proceedure used for the numbering of: If necessary, further grouping can be performed by using FN. Where an equipment unit serves as an interface between two or more systems, its system code is assigned on the originator principle, i.

Procedure for Plant Identification(KKS Numbering System) – PDF Free Download

The following principles direct for the designation of installation point in assembly units: EZ Protection For example: For this purpose, data character B1 can contain: Not procefure is twging designation important for cabling but for the interconnection of electrical equipment and equipment of the control technical as well. The additional code is not an alternative code for the components identified under breakdown level 3.

The identification letters now used for the Point of installation identification in the breakdown level FUNCTION are the same as those for the process-related identification. Their use for any intended purpose is subject to agreement between the parties to the project.

P — Cooling water systems AN numbering may be consecutive or grouping. The prefix number is used in cases when for instance in compass of one power unit appear two or more identical subsystems two boiler plants, two turbosets, etc.

Identification System for Combined Cycle Power Plant (KKS coding)

If consumer system limits are not defined, the beginning of consumer system is at branch-off or outlet of supply system or at a point where unequivocal allocation of a component to consumer system is possible. Format of Code I – 2. Special Rules for Civil Engineering B — Mechanical equipment The direction of numbering is vertical from the lowermost floor upwards.


It is a common practice to apply s grouping: F Point of Installation Identification This designation is used for the point of installation identification in assembly units for instrumentation and control system for e.

Introduction Identification System is based on the Kraftwerk – Kennzeichen – System KKS This System is the basis for the standard and clear identification of all installations and subsystems in power plant.

Regulation part is described in level 1 by process-related installation, and level 2 by the controlled parameter – control part is described by executive device e.

The Point of Installation Code is divided into different breakdown levels with different meanings, from right to left in diminishing order, starting from the Total Plant up to the Installation Space Code. Identification in data character A2 is governed by the physical variable. Remember me on this computer.

Identification System for Power Stations (KKS)

Structure-related identification is expedient where different systems are held by shared supports. Hydrotest Tagnig for Pipeline example. M — Main machine sets This code unit can be combined with any breakdown level as necessary for identification. Measuring Circuits Measuring circuits comprise analog signal acquisition, conditioning, distribution and measured data recording and indicating processing elements.

EB – Conditioning of signals related to single drive control. Control and Instrumentation Equipment Remember me Forgot password? Redundant zeros must be written, e. Tooth Numbering System Word File tooth no.

System One should remember, that the code of a system must consist of five symbols: When technical installations differs only with counting signs of installation it is necessary to assign to a secondary variable counting signs tagin for tagkng of those installations e.