Aku teringat kisah Sumayyah. Beliau sekeluarga telah ditangkap oleh Abu Jahal dan kuncukuncunya. Dengan ketabahan hati Sumayyah sekeluarga, serta taat. Ambil Su jadi isteri, Fawwaz,” kata Sumayyah bagaikan merayu. Katalah apa pun padanya, dia sudah tidak kisah lagi. Apa yang dia tahu, dia mahu diberi. The heroic story of Sumayyah is absolutely gorgeous and beautiful to be observed attentively. The story remains have done it”. Kisah Shahabat- Shahabiyah.

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A little later, her husband, Yasir, was also tortured to death, and he became sumayyxh Second Martyr in Islam. In the roster of martyrs, Sumayya and her husband, Yasir, rank among the highest.

Kisah beliau yang masih dikenang adalah saat beliau sekeluarga ditangkap oleh Abu Jahal dan kuncu-kuncunya.

Yasir and his wife, Sumayya, and their son, Ammar, had no tribal affiliation. Tokoh-Tokoh Orientalis di Indonesia.

Ibnul Atsir stated, “She is the seventh person who become moslem at the first period of Islam. In Makkah they were “foreigners” and there was no one to protect them. But Yasir and his wife had no one to defend them; they bore no arms, and they were the most defenseless of all the martyrs of Islam. Abu Jahal wanted her to come to his group, as the unbelievers.


Sumayyah bint Khabbat – Wikipedia

Lihat Terma-Terma Penggunaan untuk butiran lanjut. Archived at the Wayback Machine.

Sumayyah was one of shahaba who become moslem at the first period of Islam on that time. She endure for the pain with so much proud, because she realized that she was misah glorious than Abu Jahal and all of his followers.

At a later date, Abu Hudhayfa freed su,ayyah Sumayyah and her son Ammar; but they remained his clients for the rest of his life. Profession of faith Prayer Fasting Alms-giving Pilgrimage.

They made the tradition of sacrifice and martyrdom an integral part of the ethos of Islam. Nabi Muhammad yang melihat kejadian tersebut juga tidak mampu berbuat apa-apa.

The Quraysh persecuted Muslims of low social rank. Being the first martyr of the Ummah Arabic: This page was last edited on 11 Novemberat Although described as “a very old and frail woman,” Sumayyah remained steadfast and refused to abandon Islam. Tiar Anwar Bachtiar I.

She felt so proud with her faith. Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia Memuat The intimidation and torture in most also caused her son and husband died on Allah way. The heroic story of Sumayyah is absolutely gorgeous and beautiful to be observed attentively. Manfaat Membaca Al Qur’an.


Sumayyah bint Khabbat

Posting Lebih Baru Posting Lama. After coming to Mecca to look for a lost brother, he had decided to settle there under Abu Hudhayfa’s protection. Sumayyah sekeluarga merupakan antara individu yang terawal memeluk agama Islam yang dibawa oleh junjungan besar, Nabi Muhammad s.

She was old but always struggle against the cruelty of unbelievers. Ksiah he killed her by stabbing and impaling her with his spear. They were killed for no reason other than their devotion to Allah and their love for Islam and Muhammad Mustafa.

The Companions of Badrp. She, Yasir and Ammar were also forced to stand in the sun in the heat of the day dressed in mail-coats.

She was a slave in the possession of Abu Hudhayfa ibn al-Mughiraa member of the Makhzum clan in Mecca. Sumayyah was kept quite while intimidating by him, and Abu Jahal insulted her very much