Consult Keston Boilers ‘s entire C45 C40P C55 C55P catalogue on ArchiExpo. Page: 1/ 88, E, Main Control Box (C55/C55P/C45). , E, Control Panel. 73, E, Combustion Blower. , Gas Valve / Venturi Ass. (C45/C55). Keston C55, tips, tricks, advice and notes. READ THE DANGERS SECTION. The idea of this is so you get an idea of your boiler, so you know if your engineer is.

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Keston Boiler Error / Fault Codes [Updated ] | Boiler Guide

It is therefore recommended, if in any doubt, to consider the use of sealed systems where possible. To be fair it doesnt behave too badly, considering where it is, check the little push pin is closing the microswitch, if not, drain boiler, and try cleaning the sludge from the elbow or the hole that runs up the thread into the diaphragm chamber. Open the catalog to page 6. Check gas supply, gas kestob operation and ignitor electrode spark generation.

Fan powered high efficiency modulating condensing gas boiler 64 pages. FYI – this one is knackered – it has a hole. If you think yours isnt leaking, turn it off and let it go cold, then get back to me No ignition after restart. Flue Exhaust Connection Since the units use standard 50 mm muPVC pipe for the flue and air intake systems the boiler is packed in a single box without additional flue kit.

Safety footwear and gloves are recommended PPE when lifting this appliance. Over 5, tradespeople across the UK Gas Safe registered installers. Air Intake Connection All additional components are packed inside the boiler cabinet itself.

Keston C45 Manuals

Procedure to light and turn off the boiler, including isolation of the electrical supply if necessary. It is essential that sludge or scale is removed from an existing system. Page 48 WD Chapter 7: Water Systems Reduction in dynamic gas supply pressure will result in intermittent ignition failures.


Page 31 If following the above procedure, combustion levels described above at both high and low rate could not be obtained, please turn off the appliance and isolate the gas to the appliance. The flue temperature should be no more than 10C above return temperature. However, the resulting weight will still be higher than considered acceptable for a one-man lift. This is the low water pressure switch Open the catalog to page 7. Fan – ok, if the display shows anything, and the fan is running flat out, its usualy the fan.

Ensure gas supply pipe meston is adequately sized keaton the length of run from the meter to the boiler at a supply rate 4c5 46kW for the C45 and kestn for the C55 model.

Definitive Guide to Keston C55 / C45 / C40

To adjust CO2 values you need to set the boiler to max or min rate. This is the underneath of the burner cover – it must be cleaned fully of old gasket before its put back TIP – to check if a burner gasket is leaking, spray leak detection fluid around the gasket when kestin is running – but this only works when boiler is cold – as it warms up it WILL bubble – as the LDF heats up – so test cold, be sure, then run.

Begin your search by entering your postcode below. Main page About us Services Contacts. Exchanging A Boiler It is essential that sludge or scale is removed from an existing system.

Condensate Drainage WD Chapter 3: Fan powered high efficiency modulating domestic condensing gas boiler 64 pages. Who are Boiler Guide Boiler Guide is the smarter way to find heating engineers in your area.


Keston Boiler Error Codes

Reduction in dynamic gas supply pressure will result in intermittent ignition failures. You know if its an ignitor problem, as you will see the spark jump from the ignitor HT cap along the white insulator If its still working fine, keep the old board, as, when it goes again yeah I know you may be c4 to use the old casing with the old old board if you see what I mean.

Heat exchanger flueways – kestno by running water through I have, once, seen the fan shatter at the drive spigot – centre of shiny disk – you will know because it will make a horrible noise.

A trick is to pull out this wire main power to fan as it starts to fire up and let the fan slow, jabbing it back in as the fan almost stops for a second then removing it again – this lets the fan ‘rev counter’ tell the pcb all is ok and it can proceed to run.

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Honestly though, it looks good. The heat will hide a lot of drips!

New versions have the pipe run into the condensate trap – clever old ones have it on the boiler kestin, loose. This website uses cookies to provide you with a better experience. The top of the heat exchanger – same deal – try not to wreck the insulation, and dont drop crud into burner or heat exchanger. Get FREE boiler quotes now! Related Searches Residential boiler Design water heater Wall-mounted boiler Free-standing water heater Vertical water heater Combined water heater Gas boiler Design boiler Electric water heater Commercial boiler Solar water heater.