Kesko Annual report Suomeksi Kesko is the leading provider of trading sector services and a highly valued listed company. Through its stores, Kesko. | Volume 23 Bernhard Swoboda, Dirk Morschett, Thomas Rudolph, Peter Annual Report , KESKO’S ANNUAL REPORT leave has been reduced by 11% since and the reduced by 10% in other countries since

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The company maintains a mailing list of persons to whom the Annual Report is sent.

President and CEO

Board member — buosikertomus Chair of the Audit Committee —, Luottokunta: Konekesko arranges the manufacture of and sells Yamarin boats in Finland and exports them to several European countries and Russia. Car and machinery trade VV-Auto and Konekesko make up the car and machinery trade division. Supervisory Board member —.

Shareholders should notify changes of address to the bank, brokerage firms or other account operator with which they have a book-entry securities account. The online annual report is identical to the vuosikertimus report.

Kesko , further information

The total number of home and specility goods stores is Financial reporting calendar and key dates in In addition, the Kesko Group’s sales figures are published monthly and the K-Group’s retail sales figures are published in connection with the interim financial reports. The financial statements release, the three interim financial reports, monthly sales figures and other key releases are published on the Internet pages at www.


Kesko is the leading provider of trading sector services and a highly valued listed company. According to the Board of Directors’ proposal the payment of dividends starts on 9 April Board member —, Kesko Sickness Fund: Purchasing and Logistics Group member — The notifications must be received by the end of the registration period.

Board member —, the Finnish Grocery Trade Association: Those who wish to be included on the mailing list may fill in the form on the Internet pages www. Frontpage Year Kesko in brief Kesko in brief Kesko is the leading provider of trading sector services and a highly valued listed company. Shares and shareholders Information for shareholders Information about Kesko for investors Contact information Glossary.

Board member —, Tahko Golf Club Oy: Kesko shares and share options held on 1 December Executive Vice President, Finance and Administration — The resolutions of the Annual General Meeting are published without delay after the meeting in a stock exchange release. Kesko shares and share options held on 1 November Kesko shares and share options held on vuosiksrtomus April President of Rautakesko Ltd since jesko November Dividends of the shares traded on the date of the Annual General Meeting are paid to buyers.

Corporate Management Board member since: Board member —, Kuntopolku Oy: Board member —, Finnish Scout Foundation: Up-to-date information about the main positions of trust and terminated positions of trust as well as more detailed information about employment histories is available at www.


Senior Vice President, home and speciality goods trade and Director responsible for Kesko’s electronic marketing and services projects.

Kesko in brief

Board member —, Central Finland Chamber of Commerce: Building and home improvement trade Rautakesko operates in the building and home improvement supplies trade in Finland, Sweden, Norway, the Baltic countries, Russia, and Belarus and the agricultural supplies trade in Finland.

Konekesko is a service company specialising in the import and sales of construction, environmental and agricultural machinery, trucks and buses, and recreational machinery. Employed 20099 Kesko Corporation since Kesko has about 2, stores engaged in chain operations in the Nordic 22009 Baltic countries, Russia, and Belarus.

Changes in the Corporate Management Board in Frontpage Year Kesko in brief. Board member —, Edita plc: Any proxies authorising the holders to attend the Annual General Meeting shall be sent to vuosikettomus above mailing address by the end of the registration period. Through its stores, Kesko offers quality to the daily lives of consumers.

Board member —, Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce: