View and Download Kenwood TM-V71A instruction manual online. / MHz FM Dual Bander / MHz FM Dual Bander. TM-V71A Car Receiver pdf. TM-V71A – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: Compact TM-V71A /E Mini-manual. Covers both USA and Euro versions of the radio. Size, x8 inches. Sixteen high-quality laminated pages, loaded with.

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This equipment complies with the essential requirements of. Program Scan 3 Rotate the Tuning control to select a group to link.

Kenwood TM-V71A TMV71A Mobile Radio

Display Description Setting Values No. Character Entry Certain menus require you to enter characters, such as the power on message and memory names.

Refer to the table below for characters corresponding to microphone keys. Later, you can quickly recall any one of these channels, depending on the operations you have in mind or the operating environment.

I rate a five. It is also possible to program [] on the front panel as a PF key for transmitting a Hz tone. Page 11 2 After the cable is in place, wind heat-resistant tape around the fuse holder to protect it from moisture.

I would recommend the radio to anyone – money well spent.

Kenwood TM-V71E User Manual

The use of the warning symbol means the equipment is subject to restrictions of use in certain countries. I didn’t get the as I don’t need APRS right now, but like the fact that I can always upgrade the faceplate and obtain that functionality.

Compared to simplex communication, you can usually transmit over much greater distances by using a repeater. Page 96 Menu Mode: You may find it useful when you cannot recall the DCS code that the other persons in your group are using. This equipment is requires a licence and is intended for use in the. Follow the steps below to krnwood the Auto PM storage function.


Kenwood TMV71A Product Reviews

This radio is only about 2 months old!! You can also select a DCS code by using the microphone: I just picked up my second TM-V71A because the first one works so v771a.

The default is Time-operated mode. You can choose one of the following modes. This URL may change without notice. Don’t show me this message again. You can also prepare automated message responses to received calls. The PG-5H packages comes with cables q and w below. For example, if the current frequency is You don’t know the repeater owner, so the call sign is less useful.

SCAN Scan is a useful feature for hands-off monitoring of your favorite mqnual. Notable features are cross-band capability, Remote control from HT, ease of use, dual channel, direct computer connect for digital work, degree flipping head, clear and readable display, sound quality. Page 30 Menu Default Ref. My Subscriptions Subscriptions Help. There are a few repeaters in the areas I frequent that have a different transmit and receive tones on purpose.

Then you need not reprogram the kwnwood every time. Artboard Artboard Artboard Artboard. To obtain an up- to-date band plan for repeater offset direction, contact your national Amateur Radio association.

Functions the same as [LOW] You can send messages The other is used as a base station. Together, with almost any HT, I can completely control this radio from outside the car. The fan is a bit loud but since these are in my mobiles it’s not an issue for me. VFO the selected — The VGS-1 is sold depending upon area. My only gripes are that two of the radios have PTT button issues and none are even a year old yet. You can program your favorite message in place of the default message.


This transceiver provides 5 PM channels to store 5 sets of transceiver configurations. Kenwod work around seems to be only using the tone encode function, but it allows all the unwanted interference to come through the receive frequency.

It works very well, so no good reason for a replacement.

A type code K, E, or M4 can be found on the label attached to the package box. I can see why when mounted in a nice quiet shack it could be annoying. The EchoLink software program allows worldwide connections to be made between stations, or from computer to station, greatly enhancing your communications capabilities.

These examples may not represent applications useful to you, but you will understand the flexibility of this function. The manuao can give excellent results if the antenna system and its installation are given careful attention. Indicator Description Appears while transmitting. When connecting to a personal computer and using the EchoLink Kenaood mode, the hard flow control operation RTS and CTS computer terminals operate the same as and are changed with the SQC squelch control signal output to the computer and PKS transmit control signal input from the computer data terminals.

Pressing [PF2] allows you to switch the operating band between bands A and B, while maintaining the original band as the transmit band.