Katy Deepwell. Professor of K Deepwell. Universitat de Paint stripping: Katy Deepwell on feminist possibilities in painting after modernism. K Deepwell. Katy Deepwell wrote her PhD on ‘Women Artists in Britain between the Two World Wars’ (London, Birkbeck College, ). Her PhD research was published as. This conversation between Maureen Connor and Katy Deepwell, editor of n. para – doxa, took place in New York in March Maureen Connor: Let’s start by.

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JRP Ringier, English, pp.

All-Women Art Spaces in Europe in the long s Liverpool University Press, co-edited by Agata Jakubowska and Katy Deepwell An anthology of 11 new essays on women artist’s spaces, women’s exhibitions and collaborations across Europe in the s.

She is the founder and editor of n. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Valiz publishers, pp. KT press ebooks Feminist Art Manifestos: Arken Museum of Modern Art. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Katy Deepwell’s research in the University Repository http: Walter Konig Publication Date: Asian Contemporary Art and Culture vol 2.


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Katy Deepwell – اقتباسات الباحث العلمي من Google

Interview by Katy Deepwell’ more. The collaborative exhibition project took this term to describe the disinterest of Feminist Art and Women Artists.

Part of a week of seminars and lectures to PhD and MA students in art history and art theory.

Jul Publication Name: This list aims to build an international community of feminist researchers exploring local and global dynamics in feminism and contemporary art, post Such proposals make it impossible to mount a cri-tique of femininity through the gestural marks of painting. Women Artists between the Wars: Feminist Art and Feminist Art and Performance.


Jacki Parry Ways of Editing Glasgow: Why is a feminist journal not redundant? How do the practices of feminist art workers and activists identify, comment, reflect, address and question issues related to changes in civil and political rights over their bodies; campaigns around health and social care and violence against women; in anti-nuclear and anti-militarist campaigns for the end of conflicts or for peace; in protests about women’s rights as workers, citizens, refugees or migrants; for LGBTQI rights; for disability rights?


Michael Ann Holly and Mark Ledbury. The collaborative deepwel project took this term to describe the disinterest of young women toward ideas and forms of feminism, resulting from a lack Feminist Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art: Nueva Critica Feminista de Arte Valencia: An anthology of 11 new essays on women artist’s spaces, women’s exhibitions and collaborations across Europe in the s.

Katy Deepwell – Google Scholar Citations

Katy Deepwell is an art critic based in London. Ministry of Culture, Govt. Women Artists in Britain’ in Sybil Oldfield, ed.

Centro Cultural Montehermoso Publication Date: Calvert 22 Foundation Publication Date: Artists from the Middle East: Mayproduced by Russian collective Shto Delat? Jan 1, Publication Name: