12 जनवरी You can find mudras with images here. Pataka पताक; Tripataka त्रिपताक; Ardhapataka अर्धपताक; Kartarimukha कर्तरीमुख; Mayur. The following photos provide a vibrant glimpse of the dance by bringing to light its different postures, stances, mudras, costumes, etc. While Kathak does not. The hasta mudras in #Kathak are the alphabet of dance, each hand gesture evoking imagery, stories, and endless narration. The ring finger touches the thumb.

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Mayuram Peacock The ring finger and the tip of the thumb touch each other while the other fingers are held straight without any gap.

However, there are certain mudras and foot movements that are used in Kathak and enhance its gestural significance.

Kathak: Postures, Costumes and Mudras | Sahapedia

Matsya Fish When the right palm is placed over the back of left palm both palm being in Ardhachandra hasta. So hand gestures are a basic mode of communication. When the Index finger in the Katakamukha mudra is curled and placed in between the middle finger and the thumb we get the Bhramara mudra.

In this gesture the palms touch each other only at the Tips and the base of the palm. Pathakam is done with all fingers held straight like the Stop sign.

Kathak Hand Gestures (Kathak Hastra Mudra) by Chloe Gisborne on Prezi

The thumb is raised and held erect. The inner palm facing up. In mudrws Mudra all the fingers are held kathai and close together like the stop sign except for the ring finger which is bent.


Gesture is a symbolic action by which a thought, a feeling or intention is expressed. Views Read Edit View history. Mudra is done when the little finger and the ring finger is bent and pressed against the thumb.

Events Connect Login Workspace. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mudraz Snakes twisting and coiling When both hands held in sarpashirsha hasta is crossed at the wrists we get the Nagabandha hand gesture.

List of mudras (dance)

Hastas Hastas are hand gestures or symbols. Shivalingam Shiva Linga Hold Ardhacandra in the left hand palm facing up.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to mudras. From the Natya Shastra, a text on the arts, this beautiful quotation and translation is often quoted by Indian classical dance instructors:. Hastas can be used to convey an idea, thought or feeling to the viewers in conjunction with the lyrics sahitya of a song, or they may just add beauty to mudrqs movement.

Avahitha Two lotuses When both hands held in Alapadma hasta are crossed at the wrists and placed near the chest we get the Avahitta umdras gesture.

Texts and rules that applied to other classical dance forms were also applied to Kathak, ignoring its unique subjectivity in abhinaya exploration. While the index finger and the Middle finger is stretched to show a scissor.


Hold Ardhacandra in the left hand palm facing up. When both the hands in Ardhachandra hasta are placed over one another and only the Thumbs are interlocked we get the Garuda hasta. Chaturam 4 sides square When the thumb in Mrigashirsa mudra is held at the base of the Index middle and ring finger we get the Chatura Hasta.

Creation Desk Acivity My Group. When both the palms in Pataka are joined together we get the Anjali Mudra. When the right and left palms touches the left and right shoulder respectively in Mrigashirsha mudra we get the Utsanga hasta.

When both the Palms are joined together at the little finger and slightly hollow at the centre of the Palms. Here all the fingers are bent and pressed against the Palm except the thumb. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Utsangam shoulders When the right and left palms touches the left and right shoulder respectively in Mrigashirsha mudra we get the Utsanga hasta. Mudras are basically a codified set of hand gestures used in dance to express something.

Mudras Dance in India India dance-related lists.