ww2dbaseKarl Maria Wiligut was born in Vienna, Austria-Hungary in His father was of the Roman Catholic faith, but was also a follower of the German. Karl Maria Wiligut was born in Vienna on December 10, , son of Franz Karl Wiligut, Budapest in both his father and granfather were. Of all the strange personalities in Adolf Hitler’s entourage, Karl Maria Wiligut was certainly the oddest. Wiligut was born on December 10, in Vienna, then.

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Johann near Veldenwhere he suffered a stroke. He proposed that at this time, there were three suns, and Iwligut was inhabited by giants, dwarfs and other mythical creatures.

Wiligut supposedly founded the postwar newspaper Der Eiserne Besenalthough no evidence for such a newspaper exists. TR rated it liked it May 23, Of all the strange personalities in Adolf Hitler’ s entourage, Karl Maria Wiligut was certainly the oddest.

Karl Maria Wiligut

Charles marked it as to-read May 26, Evacuated to Austria inWiligut was there when the war ended. Mark Mirabello rated it liked it Jun 02, Himmler sent Elsa Baltrusch, a member of his household staff, to look after Wiligut, who spent his declining years with his runes and spells and ancient artefacts.

Flowers and edited by Michael Moynihan, these writings allow a glimpse into the strange magical world that enchanted high-ranking officials of Nazi Germany. Inwhile stationed at Znaim in Moravia, Wiligut became intrigued by a curious prehistoric menhir called the Rabenstein, the subject of much local folklore. During this early period of his military career, he served with the 99th, 88th and 47th Infantry Regiments” of the Austro-Hungarian Army.

Can’t pass an ancient monument or ruin without checking mariia out. Copyright Third Reich Arts.

Wiligut’s own ancestors were supposedly protagonists in this setting: Slaughter added it Mar 06, He published his first book, Seyfrieds Runeninunder his real name, as “Karl Maria Wiligut Lobesam “, mentioning his real maaria additional artist name. Wiligut’s friend Manfred von Knobelsdorff attempted to practise Wiligut’s Irminism on the Wewelsburg.


He insisted that kqrl Bible was much older than anyone thought, that the events of the New Testament had taken place in Germany and not Palestine, and that Jesus Christ was really Krist, an avatar who had founded the Irminist religion in Greg Mills added it Dec 04, Heinrich Mafia –the leader of the SS and possibly the most powerful figure in the Third Reich– commissioned Wiligut to write private reports on Runes, secret Germanic traditions, and prehistory.

Nicki marked it as to-read Apr 06, Nikolay rated it really liked it Apr 30, Never before have source documents of this nature been made available to the English-speaking world! Winterborn rated it it was amazing Dec 03, Leaving ,arl family in he moved from Austria to Germany and through mutual contacts is introduced to Heinrich Himmler at a conference of Nordische Gesellschaft a group operating to strengthen German-Nordic cultural cooperation, and would later be taken over by Alfred Rosenberg.

Wiligut was baptised a Roman Catholic [1] in Vienna. Wiligut’s final years were insecure: His daughter Gertrud was born in Vienna in and, while there, Wiligut made the acquaintance of Theodore Czepl, a member of the Order of the New Templars. Aly marked it as to-read Sep 13, He resigned from active duty in the SS in August and moved to his “beloved Goslar” the following year. The shape of Wend-horn is similar to Tvimadur. InWiligut married Malwine Leuts von Treuenringen.

Wiligut was born on December 10, in Vienna, then the capital of the large eastern European empire of Austria-Hungary. Wyatt Kaldenberg rated it liked it Aug 13, Ebear marked it as to-read Aug 12, The Book Whore marked it as to-read Jul 01, Wiligut had designed his kadl ” runic alphabet ” for this purpose.


But age had finally caught up with the old warlock. If any of our eastern European readers has more information about these ruins at Znaim, please send an email to UFO Roundup.

The Secret King: Karl Maria Wiligut, Himmler’s Lord of the Runes

About Karl Maria Wiligut. No matching locations Show all locations. Wiligut identified Irminism as the true German ancestral religion, claiming that Guido von List ‘s Wotanism and Armanen runic row was a wikigut false religion. Wiligut designed the dreaded SS Totenkopf ring and hat badge, plus the runic symbols used on black SS uniforms and flags. Following this arrest inhe was diagnosed with schizophrenia and megalomania.

Following an exhausting campaign during which he was either in battle or on long night marches, Wiligut was promoted to lieutenant colonel and and transferred back to Graz to organize reinforcements for the 14th and 49th Infantry Regiments. At the age of 14, he joined the Kadettenschule there.

Karl Maria Wiligut – Wikipedia

Rebecca rated it liked it May 13, Wiligut’s convictions assumed a paranoid trait in the s as he became convinced that his family was the victim of a continuing persecution of Irminists, at present conducted by wiliyut Roman Catholic Church, the Jews, and the Freemasons, on which groups he also blamed the defeat of World War I and the downfall of the Habsburg Empire.

Himmler sent Elsa Baltrusch, kafl member of his household staff, to look after Wiligut, who spent his declining years with his runes and spells and ancient artifacts. The journey proved too much for the old man and he was hospitalized on arrival.