Simultaneous display. Air velocity. Air temp. FAST. PROBE. VER. KANOMAX. ANEMOMASTER. ready. T: 00/10 M Thank you for purchasing Kanomax product. Please use this instrument properly by reading the operation manual and following the warning. Anemomaster Anemometer KANOMAX

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We were impressed with the ease of set-up, use, and accuracy of the device and anticipated needing these attributes for some upcoming work…However, in our opinion, the best part of owning and using this machine is the technical support that comes from the Kanomax Team.

Give us a call! Assessing indoor air quality in buildings begins with IAQ investigations using professional grade measuring instruments. High Temperature Anemometer For Kiln-Drying Wood Wood drying is necessary because it helps reduce moisture, extending its lifespan and hardening it for construction purposes.

Kanomax Winter Promotions — Duct Air Leakage Tester As you already know, you can always bank on Kanomax to provide leading innovations and products, and it is in this vein that we introduce the Duct Air Leakage Tester…. Anemometer 615 Guide Download Now! No, When using the probe within the ranges specified in the manual, there is no measurable effect of the air temperature on air velocity. The unit can also be programmed with several duct sizes and shapes square, rectangular or round and then give kaanomax volumetric flow rates for those ducts.


Can I measure airflow in flammable or corrosive gases? What does the Anemomaster come with? Give us a call!

Anemomaster Anemometer KANOMAX [MonotaRO Thailand]

Our anemometers are hot-wire thermal anemometers. Richard Flanders Enterprises Inc. Kanomax is a member of…. Kanokax these options are built into the main unit and must be ordered with the unit. Can I measure airflow in flammable or corrosive gases? The unit comes standard with data logging for records, PC software so you can download and analyze data on a PC or prepare a report for a client, and an articulating telescopic probe that makes it easy to measure at the proper degree angle even for those tricky kanomsx ducts.

These wind tunnels include a low velocity tunnel, high tunnel velocity and a variable temperature wind tunnel.

As a NEBB certified firm we do not have room for error, and Kanomax seems to understand the importance of precision manufacturing for accuracy and reliability. Our customer service team is happy to discuss your application and find a solution that works for you. When the wood drying is done in a kiln, it is known….


Does the unit come with a Oanomax traceable certificate? The unique articulating telescopic probe allows its users to reach ducts that they otherwise would not be able to without a great deal of added effort. I have a challenging application, how can I be sure a Kanomax anemometer will work?


They cannot be added later. More specifically, regulatory compliances may dictate the calibration interval. The principles behind all hot-wire anemometers may be the same, but the quality varies. Annual calibration is recommended to ensure accuracy. Technically it does, but it is so minor, that the velocity lanomax will not be affected at all.

Anemomaster Anemometer KANOMAX [MonotaRO Singapore]

Wood drying is necessary because it helps reduce moisture, extending its lifespan and hardening knomax for construction purposes. Does the unit come with a NIST traceable certificate?

Louis, Missouri from September 2nd through the 7th. Would the temperature difference impact the vane anemometer reading? User Manual Download Now! Yes, all our instruments come with kanmax calibration certificate. This is due to several factors: The telescoping feature of the probe makes it easy to take traverse measurements at ceiling ducts and other hard to reach places.

This is due to several factors:. Data Sheet English Download Now! Basically, it measures the air speed by calculating how fast the sensor is being cooled by the air.