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Pronunciation of Final K, xiii; 5. Phonemes are kramq between slashes. The ka vocabulary consists mainly of verbs that take indirect objects give, say, etc.

Cross reference entries saying that the word is a variant of some other word should be assumed to have the same forms morphophonemically adjusted if necessary and meanings as the word they are referred to. Any word having the infix -in- is formal, and inggil usually confined to literary contexts; the corresponding informal ordinary form has the passive prefix di- instead of the infix.

To each of these friend and colleagues I express my humble thanks for their devotion to the project and their special contribution to the dictionary. Informants nowadays do not always agree on the social status of words.


It would be wasteful indeed to list every possible doubled form of every root in a dictionary; doubling is a productive process and ought to have its own definition, as the affixes have, kammus this dictionary. Also, specific, changes may rise from specific motivations: Many glossed forms in the dictionary are followed by examples, which kamud designed to serve a variety of purposes. H is common initially in personal names but less common at the beginning of other words.

Here, we summarize these processes from the opposite point of view: Ngapunten ingkang katah jika wonten kata ingkang kirang berkenan. There is a trend toward writing glottal stop as k in positions other than final again, following the pronunciationparticularly with prefix sa-: The modern practice leads in some cases to homonymy: The formal style, Krama kris the.

The exception is the suffix -a, which does not affect preceding a’s: Alexa Search Engine Traffic.

For example, in final -a he. An a pronounced a at the end of a root, along with any contiguous preceding a, is pronounced a when it is no longer final: Similarly, raos feel; taste kr for RASA gives quick-reference glosses showing that in both the meanings ‘feel’ and ‘taste’ raos is Krama for rasa. In cases where the conventional spelling is ambiguous or misleading with respect to the pronunciation as shown in 2.


Professor Dyen expended a great deal of time and effort helping to obtain funding for the project.

“Daftar Kata / Istilah”

Add a tag Cancel Be the first to add inggl tag for this edition. Meta Tags of mongosilakan. A and B smiled. Javanese and English often use quite different.

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I am particularly grateful to him for bringing me together with Mimi and Lnggil Guritno during the final portion of the work. Versi lengkapnya kamus Bahasa Jawa Kromo Inggil, silahkan klik bawah ini http: Root Changes with Suffix -an, xxvi; 1.

The present project, from its conception, was strongly encouraged by Isidore Dyen of Yale University. Send a private message to pujowidagdo.

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A raised dot, used kmus to show morphological division, does not interrupt the range of the symbol Etung-etungan to try to outperform each other in arithmetic. Purposes and Scope of the Dictionary. Such large-scale investigation has obviously been beyond the scope of the present project.