The Kalalau Trail is a trail along Nā Pali Coast of the island of Kauai in the state of Hawaii. The trail runs approximately 11 miles (18 km) along the island’s north. The last time I hiked the Kalalau Trail, I took my GPS to record the trail and make a map of it. If you have Google Earth installed, click this link to. One of the best hikes on Kauai, the Kalalau Trail is an mile trek located on the famous NaPali Coast on the Kalalau Trail Elevation Map.

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The trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, sea kayaking, and backpacking and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

Closures will likely be for an extended period of time, as damage assessments and repairs must be completed. Many of which will become apparent as you hike through the jungle on your way through the Na Pali coast. The hike begins at Ke’e beach, at the end of the road on Kauai’s North shore. You immediately begin climbing up and old trail, build with paving stones, but somewhat slippery and crumbling. Long legs are a bonus here, as well as excellent grip on your hiking boots.

The hike heads up and along the edge of the hills, very close to the ocean. There are great views of the Pacific here, as well as majestic jungle mountain views. The trail curves in and out of the many ridges that reach to the ocean, and then slowly works its way back down to Hanakapi’ai Beach, which is the halfway point in!

Kalalau Trail Information | Permits, Transportation – Kalalau Trail

A good spot to cool off and relax, before heading kalxlau for the next two miles. Head up the stream to the right, and follow the trail all the way to Hanakapi’ai falls. If I could rate it higher than 5 stars I would.

Must do if you are on Kauai. One of the most beautiful and rewarding hikes of my life.

Trwil can’t begin to say enough about the beauty of Na Pali. I did this trail in 2 days, would have stayed longer if there had not been bad weather. Arrive before dawn or get a ride, otherwise it will be hard to find parking. Every stream valley and every ridge has it’s own personality and the more your hike this trail, the better you are getting to know an old friend.

Sure you will go through your ups and downs together, but you know that in the end that land will always be there and will always provide you with what you need. Whether that is the abundance of mountain apples at Mile 4, the small campsite surrounded by mango trees after the hot and dry Mile 7, the small stream dotted with elephant ears at Mile 9, or the occasional egg fruit in Kalalau Valley.

The ‘aina just keeps giving. The best time of my life. We underestimated this hike September of We had just did Mt. Whitney and Nevada’s high point, boundary peak the month prior. So trai figured it will be a relatively easier, strenuous hike. We woke up, went and kalalaj some breakfast thinking a late start would be ok, it is only 11 miles in.


Got to the trail head at 9 and got to kalalau beach at We stopped a lot to enjoy, sit in the streams, take pictures, and enjoy the views. The heat is what made it lalalau going in. Mile 6 going in is the best place to get water before mile Fill up all your water at the last stream before you cross it to get to the beach.

There is plenty of campsites, so do not pick your first walk. I know you will be tired but just walk a few hundred more yards. There is a couple sites elevated right off of the sand, with the best ocean views. Make sure to bring a hammock. After a long hike in, set up Camp, brought some whiskey down to the beach for sunset and while the sun was setting I proposed to my best friend. Could not have planned a better proposal.

Hike in to kalalau valley too.

Kauai Hiking Maps

There is guava every where. We started the hike back to the parking lot leaving kalalau. We wanted to beat the heat, and that we did. We made it back in 5. The most perfect place on earth. We cannot wait to go back.

The trail is wonderful and not very technical at all, but it is long 22 miles and often very slippery. If you like long beautiful hikes this is the ka,alau to go.

I would recommend to leave super early so ka,alau can make it back before dark. Take a Lifestraw with you to save dragging water with you. At the half way 11mile mark, before turning around, make sure to dip in the creek – it is magical. Any update on the trail opening? Is there another way to access the trail kayak or another trail head? Are there other long hikes on the island that you all like?

My gf and I like to hike and booked a trip in Kalaalau, but it looks like our luck has run thin We hiked this on our honeymoon. My friend and I did this in a single day, 14 hours total including a 1 hour break at Kalalau beach. I wouldn’t recommend this if you are only visiting Kauai – Kalalau beach is one of the nicest places you may ever get to on this planet and we wish we had stayed at least one night at this magical place.

Shoes take on water early and you’ll be sloshing around all day -we carried all of our water in, next time I’d bring a filter or tablets to grab water on kalalah way -you can leave your stuff anywhere on the beach at Kalalau.

Everyone is your friend here! Wish we had brought backpacking gear to do the whole thing! Not a lot of elevation gain though so it was easy to do about a 10km stretch 20km total in one day. Start really early so you can have the trail to yourself and enjoy sunrise! It gets extremely crowded later on.


Keep an aklalau out for weird feral cats on the first beach and the occasional friendly rat. Great mixture of challenging but quick. Watering hole at the end is a must! Great scenery right from the start, which improves the further you get into the hike.

Unclear why AllTrails lists it as 9 miles each way – definitely marked as 11 and certainly felt like Either the markers or the app is incorrect. Regardless, the last four cliffside miles are fairly safe in the dry but in moderate rain some of the narrow muddy walkways i.

We didn’t have trekking poles but really missed them when trying to keep from sliding off a muddy cliff. Many water sources, so use iodine. Also, plan for rain even if not explicitly forecasted.

Started out rather easy, however,trail became a bit tough as we hiked towards the falls. As a firefighter and EMT, I would suggest having a first aid kit and splinting supplies. As well as a way to purify your waterdue to risk of running out on the trail. I saw this first hand while hiking back from the falls. If you have the resourcesa Sat phone would be of great use when an emergency takes place on Napali trail. Only tail the first two miles to beach, full of gorgeous views the whole way.

You can continue up to a waterfall an additional 1.

Na Pali Coast (Kalalau) Trail [CLOSED]

Any further along the trial and you need a permit to continue. We reached the parking lot at and there was plenty of room in the farther second lot, but this fills up fast and people start parking along the road. Bathrooms at the trailhead and the beach at 2 miles. Several stream crossings but able to stay dry with balancing.

Recommend hiking shoes or waterproof hiking sandals with straps, though saw plenty doing it in sneakers.

Nice to get out early but also be sure to catch some views post noon on the way back, as the light changes and water turns a beautiful azure blue. One of the best hikes I have been on. Most of the reviews and you tube videos are pretty misleading about the dangers. Crawlers ledge is not a big deal. At no point did I feel like I was in maap danger.

Yeah if you fall it would be bad but honestly by the time you get there mile 7, 8 or 9 not sure you have pretty well been tested. Just keep your eyes on the trail as you go and kalalah walking if you want to look around.

The river crossings were not a big deal either. I know that can change but just do what the signs say. I feel like people make a big hrail about that stuff more to seem extreme or daring than to warn people. No body wants to see anyone get hurt.

It is an kxlalau rewarding experience. It would be even more so if you were scared of those things and did it anyway.