The Sackett family is a fictional American family featured in a number of western novels, short . Jublain Sackett (Jubal) – Fourth son of Barnabas Sackett. Dive deep into Louis L’Amour’s Jubal Sackett with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion. Filled with action, adventure, mystery, and historical detail, the Sackett saga is an unforgettable achievement by one of America’s greatest storytellers. In Jubal.

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I am shamelessly enjoying the Sackett saga.

An intersting thought and an interesting historical viewpoints. This… this thing that is me is incomplete.

Jubal Sackett: The Sacketts

However, neither the novel nor the movie are connected with the Sackett Saga. When someone says “western” to me, I immediately think of Louis L’Amour. America is a vast, unknown place. Which is why we adapt to change or you or left unmoved and everything around you has grown perhaps for the better.

Jubal is sent on a quest by a Natchez wise man to find and ask Itchakomi, a daughter of the sun, to return to her people. What historical fiction should be My father exposed me to L’Amour when I was a child.

Jubal Sackett

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. While I don’t expect to ever be a “backwoods ninja” the way he was, I still prefer to picture myself as progressive, responsible, and dependable, as he was. Cathy Ryan restored the eyesight of a young Bosnian girl who had been injured during an attack in the Bosnian War.


About Louis L’Amour Our foremost storyteller of the American West, Louis L’Amour has thrilled a nation by chronicling the adventures of the brave men and woman who settled the frontier. Jubal Sackett at the start of this book was a very young man, perhaps even a late teenager.

Jubal Sackett by Louis L’Amour

Orrin’s brother Tyrel saciett Higgins, then left Tennessee to avoid further problems. I wish that kind of female representation was more common of the genre. Sackstt have to say that this one really surprised me. What was worth little to us was worth much to them because they were things they could not get elsewhere.

He survives the attack from the wooly mammoth and gets to live on with his wife Itchakomi in peace for now.

He becomes involved with and marries Sackftt Alvarado, the beautiful granddaughter of a rich Spanish don. It’s one of my default fall-to book. Tall and handsome, nearly fearless in the face of danger. Killed by Seneca Indians.

Jubal Sackett – A Sackett novel by Louis L’Amour

During this journey Jubal meets a man for the Natchee, a Ni’kwana a man of mysteries. Unlike novels by such writers as James A. At this time this is not an easy journey since most of it is made either in a canoe or on foot. It follows the story of Jubal Sackett, son of Barnabas Sackett, as he travels ever farther west – intent on seeing whatever is beyond the next horizon. It’s the necessary move from individualism into being one who contributes to a greater society, and I think it’s something we’re rapidly losing in the 21st century.

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Apr 26, Scott Lyson rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jubal can travel for days without seeing a soul. This is no Dances With Wolves white savior bullshit either. But then it seemed to be about defeating the antagonist Kapata. Jubal Sackett’s urge to explore drove him westward, and when a Natchez priest asks him to undertake a nearly impossible quest, Sackett ventures into the endless grassy plains the Indians call the Far Seeing Lands.

Describing what it possibly could have been like to always be on guard while traveling west in the early times of westward movement. I can see why the men in my family enjoyed the writing of L’Amour.