JSS 50812 PDF

Designed to JSS equivalent to MIL-C • Wall mount, cable extension, box mount, straight cable, 90° connectors. • 12 shell sizes, 2 – contact. These are circular threaded coupling connectors designed to JSS ( equivalent to MIL C ). The housing is aluminium alloy having Olive green. These connectors are made in accordance to Defence Standard Joint Services Specification JSS , which is a derivation of the MIL-C, USA Military.

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Excellent mechanical and environmental characteristics. Small footprint, unlimited connector styles, fully user – configurable with choice of fixtures.

SMD versions also offered. Assembled by Allied under V. Circular and rectangular connectors, high temperature high pressure bulkheads, multi-pin internnection headers and single feed thrus.

T- or Y- splitters and standard or customised cable assemblies offered.


Suitable bases offered separately. Standard M8 boxes with up to 12 Nos. Standard M12 boxes with up to 8 Nos. Combo connectors with any combination of micro, coax and power contacts in 2 row shells.

Round Shell Connectors

Both D-type and circular versions available. Nylon, Vinyl, Heat shrink, Kynar, etc Insulation materials. Full range fo cutting, stripping and crimping tools in manual, hydraulic and pneumatic versions.

Custom built cable assemblies using Allied connectors and standard cables for demanding applications. Special Connectors for railway applications.

Bharat Trading Corporation

Applications include temperature and speed sensors, inter-coach communication systems, master controller, etc. A halogen free, jds retardant insulator is available for connectors used in electric locomotive applications – RDSO approved. Specially designed for military or heavy industrial applications.

Compatible with all standard network cables including CAT-6e. Fully shielded and sealed for field use. Single Pin Headers and Feed Thrus. Tamper Evident Security Seals. Electrical Slip Ring Assemblies.


Low profile with 2mm 508112, Ruggedized with aluminium alloyEasy maintenance with dismountable contacts.