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It is truly a fascinating matter when one is able to witness the evolution of a director over the course of a decade.

With every new journla that arises, Zain fights for a better tomorrow, slowly stripping away his soul, and as a result, growing up way faster than he should while trying to keep some sense of his identity alive.

It is no coincidence that Zain, an alien in his own country, reaches a point where he wants to leave his home, his family, his entire being and go somewhere where there is some hope — words that every Lebanese soul utters at least once a week. From the financial struggles to those of basic human needs electricity, clean water, foodZain has to face life with nothing but his unyielding spirit.


The meticulous attention to the arduous existential, emotional, and physical journey that Zain goes on is cared for in a very maternal way, and this strengthens the film ten-fold. With the level of realism that Aoun is able to ground the film within, one can make an argument that the film could journl pass for a documentary, though clearly it is a work of fiction.

His camera toys with the audience constantly challenging perspective from being utterly distant and almost ignorant, to then being up close and completely personal — another parallel to how we as people deal with the harsh realities of our times. For a young boy his age to embody the character he plays with the level of professionalism that he does, alone makes the film worth the watch.

As with all art, some aspects of it have to be questioned and critiqued, yet the only aspect of the film that will garner this amnahar is its runtime.

An-Nahar – Wikipedia

To begin with the negative, when one takes joournal audience on a journey that will be filled with pain, misery, and ugliness — one has to take into consideration that loss of empathy or patience might occur.


One of the biggest problems that the majority of Lebanese films face is that none seem to ever deliver on proper third acts and more specifically satisfying endings.

An-Nahar is not responsible for the comments that users post below. We kindly ask you to keep this space a clean and respectful forum jourrnal discussion. There is, however, another layer to this film and that layer lies behind the camera.

Cinematographically, Christopher Aoun astounds with every frame. A camera, however, is nothing without a subject worth looking at.

Al Rafeea does not act throughout the film, he simply is. He carries the weight of the film on his shoulder and delivers. The answer to those questions would be purely subjective.

Capharnaum: The killing of a childhood dream

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