Johnny the Homicidal Maniac #1 – 7 (): Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (abbreviated JTHM) is the first comic book by Jhonen. Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (often abbreviated JtHM) is the first comic book by Jhonen Vasquez. The series tells the story of a young man named Johnny C. as. Read Johnny the Homicidal Maniac Issue #1 Page 8 Online. best Johnny the Homicidal Maniac site.

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The speech balloons change with the moods of the characters. Jhonen based Psychodoughboy and Mr. Eventually, Johnny’s soul arrives in Heavenwhere he meets St. He kills a cockroach named Mr. This article is about the comic book series.

Johnny manica Homicidal Maniac 1.

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac #1 – 7 () – GetComics

He and the sentient floating head Nailbunny journey through the bowels of his house and discuss the nature of Johnny’s psychosis. Johnny the Homicidal Maniac 4.

Johnny is, possibly, more himicidal mentally malformed than the people he seems to think have ruined his world. Johnny homicdal a massive psychic battle when he discovers that the souls in Heaven are immortal and have mental powers which includes the ability to explode people’s heads. Johnny the Homicidal Maniac spawned two spin-offs: There is also a comic within a comic in the form of “Happy Noodle Boy”, written and drawn by Johnny himself.


Johnny the Homicidal Maniac #1 – 7 (1995-1997)

List of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac characters. Anne Gwish is a young goth woman that has her own strip in the later part of the series. Vasquez started drawing in kindergarten. Squee is also friends with Satan’s son, with whom he attends school. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.

After a confrontation with Squee’s teddy 1-77Shmee, Johnny leaves, informing Squee that they are bomicidal. Johnny realizes he cannot die or be brought to justice for his murders.

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac features several filler strips, which, for the most part, have nothing to do with the main storyline. A photograph of one of Vasquez’s friends, Leah England, serves as the middle of a portrait collection on the cover of the second issue of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.

Later on in the tour, Johnny is brought before Godwho is a lazy, obese man sitting in a chair in a state of exhaustion. The series focuses on Johnny C.

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac – Wikipedia

For its central character, manisc Johnny C. Johnny the Homicidal Maniac 5. Eff on two real Styrofoam Pillsbury Doughboy display figures that he found and painted. In another, two ancient gods of war possess a pair mniac grade school crossing guards to reenact an epic battle.

Wobbly-Headed Bob lives in a separate fictional universe from the main storyline, one inhabited by funny animals who, with the exception of Bob, live in a state of innocence and bliss.

He drains his victims of blood to paint over a wall in his house to prevent a monster from escaping. The strips titled “True Tales of Human Drama” tell stories about things such as a baby exploding, a plane crashing into a bus full of boy scouts, and a man blowing something out of his nose so horrible that a priest commands him to jump off a building. Later on Earth, Johnny is unsure if he really died or if he experienced some kind of hallucination. For example, Johnny’s word balloons grow thorns when he becomes angry.


Peterwho becomes physically ill with all that Johnny has done throughout his life.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The series produced two spin-offs: Views Read Edit View history. In an act of self-insertionJhonen Vasquez himself appears in other “Meanwhile Later, Johnny goes on a rampage with a spork in a ” Taco Hell ” restaurant, incited by an elderly patron referring to him as “wacky”.

When a copycat killer mabiac “Jimmy” pays Johnny a visit and confesses jkhnny several murders and a rape, Johnny eviscerates Jimmy. His extreme negativity leaves him isolated and depressed. Johnny the Homicidal Maniac 7.

Vasquez intended a tapeworm named Scolex to be one of Johnny’s voices, but the character never made it into the finished series. The series tells the story of a young man named Johnny C.