Jerry Brainum I’m Jerry Brainum. You may recognize my name from the hundreds of research-based articles I’ve written for bodybuilding and fitness magazines. The latest Tweets from Jerry Brainum (@JerryBrainum). Editor-in-Chief, Applied Metabolics newsletter. Science writer for over 40 years. Venice, CA. Home Tags Jerry Brainum. Tag: Jerry Brainum. video ยท Originals WATCH: Jerry Brainum Talks About If You Can Out Train A Bad Diet. October 2,

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Many of the posts on the blog are original articles, having appeared here for the first time. This is a background unmatched by anyone in the entire industry. He is one of the few people in this industry that knows what he’s talking about, since he brsinum his responses on science. Those who want to learn the truth about training and nutrition would not able to find a better source than Jerry. I’ve given seminars all over the world about nutrition and food supplements, and have lectured to the National Football League Player’s Association on the topic of “How to build muscle and strength without using anabolic drugs.

When you want a “no B. In this publication, I will impart jerrg knowledge.

Jerry Brainum – IMDb

I also wrote about and predicted the advent of another amino acid-based supplement that boosts NO, citrulline. Garlic helps shunt more tryptophan into the brain for conversion into serotonin. Whether GH, post-maturityactually works in building more size and strength brainm never been firmly proven with adequate independent, replicated studies.

These articles have appeared in Muscle and Fitness, Ironman, and other magazines. I am not associated with, nor on the payroll of any supplement company. Haney favors this technique because he says it more strongly works the area where the upper trapezius ties in with the rear delts. How garlic brings down blood pressure is of interest to bodybuilders.


In the top contracted position try to squeeze the shoulder blades together. They don’t exist to teach and inform, but rather to sell.

The advantage here is the increase range of motion possible by using dumbbells. For example, not one of the professional kerry that Jerry worked with ever lost a match while he advised them, except for one, who chose to ignore Jerry’s advice. He has the jfrry and experience, as well as ierry commitment to continued research to give us the straight scoop in the area of supplements, diets, and hormones. Straight Facts By Jerry Brainum.

You won’t need a graduate science degree to read this publication. I can’t emphasize how much I value straight, to the point, factual information on anything, but especially health and fitness. I have known Jerry Brainum for over 25 years. Again, the neuromuscular system senses the newly perceived stress and accommodates by muscular hypertrophy growth.

The Applied Ergogenics blog is a collection of articles written and published by Jerry Brainum over the past 40 years. Jerry Brainum is serious about what he writes. The researchers suggest the applied heat may have increased the myo-nuclear number, thereby increasing muscle protein synthesis for more size and strength.

Human studies with garlic show that it reduces the workload on the heart during exercise and reduces peak heart rate, which points to less heart stress during vigorous exercise.

If so, this may have something to do with a substance known as BAT or brown adipose tissue. In addition, such brainym reviews” are usually limited to one topic, such as nutrition. Oxidation often produces excess inflammation, which is associated with Alzheimer’s disease and other brain ills.


EXCLUSIVE: Jerry Brainum Joins Generation Iron Fitness Network As Chief Editor | Generation Iron

Each passing year, his writing became more insightful and supported with solid research. Braknum was just an amateur back then. Jerry refused to charge me for this consultation, saying,”You are Reg Park’s son, so it is my pleasure. Jerry has also designed personalized nutrition programs for many of my clients at the Legacy gym, much to their benefit and health.


I can read or talk jedry anyone I choose, I choose Jerry. So, when training back, control and feel are essential to progress and full development. Hold the contracted position for three seconds then lower slowly to the start position.

Phil uses weights that belie his jerty muscularity. I will also decipher the truth concerning the efficacy, or lack thereof, of so-called anabolic supplements, such as prohormones and testosterone boosters, as well as “fat-burners.

While performing this exercise, imagine your arms as being frozen, or stiff, and let the traps do all the work, up till the peak contraction at the top, when you can hold and squeeze strongly by bending at the elbows slightly. And I mean arcane, wonk work only a handful of Ph.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jerry Brainum for over 30 years. Pearl’s mammoth tome jergy Keys to the Inner Universe,” is literal evidence of Pearl’s belief in exercise variety.