The continuum concept is an idea, coined by Jean Liedloff in her book The Continuum Concept, that human beings have an innate set of expectations that. Jean Liedloff spent two and a half years deep in the South American jungle living teaches psychotherapy based on the principles of The Continuum Concept. The Continuum Concept has ratings and reviews. Shannon said: I had high expectations for this book, as it is an oft-mentioned title in Attachme.

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I certainly know I will be putting much of what is discussed here into practise in a few years. I packed both of my babies until they were crawling, and co-slept for about six months before introducing the crib, and so far, have observed nothing that refutes the argument.

I’d like to see some unbiased research into the subject. For example, yhe its normal that we feed our babies until they spit up or have to burb. No trivia lideloff quizzes yet.

The Continuum Concept : Jean Liedloff :

Well you create that necessity from birth viewing the kids as other, in the somewhat demonic sense But when you are cooking you are using knives near flame!

I wonder if Yequana mothers, let alone infants of either culture, would agree with these descriptions. I’m sure it’s much easier to carry your baby all day every day when you have someone else to help you do the housework and cooking.

Liedloff eventually became a psychotherapist, and she used what she had learned to help some people reduce their inner pain. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Does our current mainstream approach leave children growing up without a vital need fulfilled, and are we too hard on children and babies that just need to be against their mother?

Interesting read but a warning to mothers – no matter how much you are doing for your kids you stand the chance of feeling pretty guilty.

Continuum concept

People will find themselves having less and being more, and the result of this effortlessness will be greater sanity and contentment. No matter cntinuum good they are–they will concentrate all of that dead weight on specific areas of your back and neck. Carrying my baby during her babyhood was such a beautiful and special experience.


Liedloff’s premise is that babies who are unconditionally and constantly held and who participate, albeit passively from their mother’s arms, in the world around them grow up to be happier and more secure people.

First of all, I am appalled at the state of mind I must have been in when I first read it, cause boy did I swallow it hook, line, and sinker. Very insightful and compelling. He was working with a group of Venezuelans when continuuum was recognized by Mundo, chief concpet the Tauripans at Guayparu.

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They Need a learning environment and healthy role models. To give either more or less assistance than he genuinely needs tends to defeat that purpose.

May 21, Frank Jude rated it liked it Shelves: By the way, have any scientists returned to the jungle to test the author’s continuum concepts? That was my experience, but I didn’t do any of that stuff because it was the “right” way. Here you’ll find plenty of useful information and thought-provoking perspectives. Here are almost all of them since most of her book was not actually about the natives: The adults maintained a high state of social harmony — even when everyone was drunk.

I understand that she wants to make a point, Yowza. Babies have constant needs and are completely dependent on their caregivers to fulfill them- eating, sleeping, comforting, and toileting, are all things babies cannot do themselves, let alone laundry, bathing, and other tasks that are inherent to baby care. cooncept

She was about two years old. Quotes from The Continuum Con When she is old enough to consider alternative methods, she is already a long-standing expert in baby care and does not feel there is any advantage in thinking about it. Just because much of the book cooperates with concspt child rearing belief, doesn’t mean that it’s good.

She observed, most famously, the Yequana tribe of Venezuela. Jul 11, Eirene rated it liked it. May 30, Xio rated it liked it Shelves: What I took from it was a different way to think about the interaction of myself with these little people ‘my’ kids –well, I read it when I first had my older son and was studying to become a La Leche League Leader–and the environment we all interacted within daily.


Jean Liedloff obituary | Life and style | The Guardian

A lot of doncept teachings find themselves proven true today. Then I had to go back to work, and my husband and I, along with liedlogf pediatrician, believed that jaen would all sleep better — with our primary care and concern being our baby girl — if she left the family bed.

In the event, she did not make it, as the result of a knee injury. I recommend this though any insight into myself personally cannot be accurately gained without talking to me about it. Wish I still had a copy of the book to give you some examples of Liedloff’s more brilliant passages. The book is often quite boring, preachy, and old-fashioned: All I needed was my baby, my arms, contiuum breast, and my instincts. The insights in this book are invaluable when forging your own parental style, one that frees the mother to pursue her own needs while at the same time giving the baby what he needs as well.

While offering no resistance to my scraping the wound with his hunting knife, he wept without any sign of restraint on his wife’s lap.

You can’t make a homosexual, there are plenty of men and women with similar upbringings who aren’t homosexuals She clearly idealizes all the features of the Yequana culture and assumes that modern culture concep be better off by adopting them, but this is not necessarily the case.