Visit ‘s Jean Liedloff Page and shop for all Jean Liedloff books. The Continuum Concept (Arkana) by Jean Liedloff (). $ Jean Liedloff, an American writer, spent two and a half years in the South American jungle living with Stone Age Indians. The experience demolished her. Jean Liedloff, who has died aged 84, was the author of The Continuum Concept: In Search of Happiness Lost (), in which she outlined her.

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During a diamond-hunting expedition to Venezuela, Jean Liedloff came into contact with the indigenous Yequana people. Lured by this strange awareness, she goes back to the jungles of the Amazon to live with these primitive people to discover lieeloff key to their happiness.

The Continuum Concept is essentially a set of child raising protocols which our bodies are genetically wired to follow. They can be liedllff everywhere in the animal kingdom, as well as in almost every primitive culture. Liedloff felt that we had lost our trust in our children and ultimately ourselves.


Parents had forgotten how powerful they are to young children and how easy it is to make them feel as if there is something wrong with them. Jeaan our parents, our tribesman, our authority figures, clearly expect us to be bad or anti-social or greedy or selfish or dirty or destructive or self-destructive, our social nature is such that we tend to meet the expectations of our elders.

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The book from is a must read for all parents-to-be and those who want to understand their own confusion better. Back in the early s, Phil Kirkland created surreal textbook illustrations, mostly for psychology and health books. Today I picked up one of my favorite books, Island by Aldous Huxley, his radical blueprint for a better world.

How do we want to live? These people choose a life away from the cities, willing to abandon lifestyles based on performance, efficiency and consumption.

Robert Gordon Wasson was an international banker, amateur mycologist, and author. Wenzel Hablik is a visionary, an utopian architect of the proverbial crystal castles in the clouds. Introducing you to Mooji is a matter of the heart for me.

His radiance easily dissolves the haunted mind into laughter and leaves you lighter. This account from lalaland is beautifully bridging the gap between science and spirituality to open up our perception of the world. I want to tell you about the Lebensreform movement in the early 20th century.


The problems ljedloff then were the same like today. In this lecture Terence unfolds an ocean of ideas, a metaphor for the psychedelic dimension you are sailing out onto to cast the net of the human imagination to retrieve novel ideas out of liexloff chaos. My appreciation for this lecture is beyond words. The mere fact that you exist is quite awesome.

The way you came into this existence is a unsurpassable miracle hard to believe. Malcolm Kirk traveled to Papua New Guinea in He returned lisdloff during the ensuing 13 years, documenting the extraordinary tribal decorations he had observed on that initial trip.

Pavel Tchelitchew clearly was a seer of the unseen, a true visionary artist.